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Garmin 62S?

I really haven’t paid much attention to GPSrs recently since we haven’t really been getting out to geocache much. That will change in a couple of years but it just makes sense to wait until we have a reliable vehicle to get out caching often since by that time there will likely be newer models if we want to upgrade our old Garmin 60csx.

I just came across the Garmin 62S now. Though I haven’t even seen one in person if I were to pull the trigger and get a new GPS now this would likely by my choice. It appears to have taken the good from the old 60csx and added to it instead of creating something completely different. It keeps the same form factor which is the best I’ve seen in a GPS for what we use it for. I really don’t want to depend on a touch screen in the woods or that wheel thing Garmin tried. It also seems like it has the same screen as the 60csx which I found very readable with a magnifier. For those who don’t know I am legally blind and have poor vision. The biggest plus this seems to have over the older models it includes the full cache details. I can’t even begin to count how many times the write up or a recent log would have been very handy out in the woods when we’re searching for a cache that has gone missing. I don’t mind the DNF but we get obsessed and spend hours searching.

I am anxious to read other peoples’ thoughts on this unit. If Garmin did it right it could be the perfect GPS. Hopefully it retains the older model’s dependability and accuracy along with excellent battery life. The old model was also pretty much unbreakable. I’ve dropped mine more times than you can imagine and it still works fine. The only thing it did is popped the micro SD card loose once in a while.

According the the description it also includes 1.7 gigs of memory built into the unit which would be great. A great plus would be if they overcame the map block limitation all of their older generations had.