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Garmin 64S

I had a Garmin 62s which I liked, but it seemed to be a bit of a step-down from the older 60csxs regarding satellite reception and accuracy. It wasn’t old etrex bad, but it wasn’t up there with the 60csx. The 64s seems to be close to if not on par with the 60csx though

The Nice thing with the newer ones is they can have the entire cache page on the device, including some logs. That’s especially handy on a cache you can’t find. You can take a look at previous logs to see what they said, and it may give you a clue, or it could help you decide the cache may be missing and move on to another one for the day. This was particularly handy when we were geocaching on the northwest river trail recently after they had clearly been flooded. There was mud everywhere, so we decided to stop there for the day

It takes as many caches as you want it to hold. At least I haven’t found a limit, which is nice to load multiple pocket queries along the route if we’re going away some place. Our 1000 cache radius only goes out less than 15 miles these days, hard to believe at one point we only had a handful of unfound caches in Lancaster County!