Gorguts - Obscura

I shall reborn as a faceless one Darkly splendid world confinement in rapture

I remembered hearing about Gorguts in the 90s. I probably heard them on the local college radio station that had some metal shows that play all sorts of stuff. Between that and Napster that’s how I discovered most of what I listen to now. In the Napster days I couldn’t get into death metal as much. It was more doom back then.

I’d say 10 years or go I started exploring death metal deeper and came across Gorguts' Clouded on YouTube. I really liked it so I tried exploring their other stuff but there wasn’t much available back then and the CDs were hard to find. Some I could get into and others not so much.

A Couple of years ago I got myself into a technical death metal kick and saw that Obscura was available on Amazon so I ordered it. I put my headphones on and started listening to it while I was doing something else thinking it might take some time to grow on me. I started getting focused on the music and listened to it straight through which is very unusual for me with something new. After that I found myself needing to listen to it again so I did.

This may be the only CD that’s like this for me but I cannot just listen to one song. I have to listen to it straight through and focus on the music. Every time I do I notice some subtle differences. It’s just dark twisted music but so intense. It’s unrelenting crushing metal.

I’m finding myself wanting to listen to it right now writing this but I know I’d have to focus on that and spend an hour listening to it but have to many other things I need to do right now. If you like heavy stuff pick it up!