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Kettlebell Kings Kettle Bell

I’ve been wanting to pick up a 32 kg kettle to use at home for quite a while now. I just never got around to actually doing it due to a bunch of other things going on.

We’ve had a few CFF kettle bells for a few years, and they’ve been nice, except the smooth coating get super slippery when your hands are sweaty. Chalk help a lot with that. The ones at the gym have chipped, but they’re abused much more than ours will be, and besides that, it’s no big deal as long the handle is smooth. We went to Christian’s Fitness Factory’s store since it’s conveniently close to us, but they didn’t seem to have any of the old style kettle bells in stock, and I wasn’t a fan of the new style ones.

Not finding what I wanted at the local store, I searched online. Rogue’s which I’m sure were good were also expensive like everything they sell. Their stuff is definitely worth the price, but shipping killed that idea. Google eventually brought be to Kettle bell king’s website. They had the 32 kg on sale, an older model that they had changed, but it looked like it would suit my needs just fine, plus they had free shipping.

I ordered it, and it got here a couple of days later. It was very well packaged in multiple boxes. When I first opened it, I wasn’t too sure about the rougher coating, but once I tried it out it was grippy enough it didn’t feel like it was slipping out of my hand but smooth enough it wasn’t tearing up my hands. The handle wasn’t too thick for my short, fat fingers. I like the colored line on the handle that makes it so much quicker to see which one you have. I wish the gym’s were like that!

I’ve used it off and on a decent amount now, and I’ve really been pleased with it. it 1 has never felt slippery, and I’ve never even had to use chalk. Not even on extremely humid days, which we’ve had too many of this year. I don’t know how it’d be for snatches, since I’m not ready to try them at this weight. I’ve only done a few with much lighter weight due to a shoulder tweak from last year, completely unrelated to anything fun.

The only thing I don’t like about it, and it’s no fault of the kettle bell itself, is when I leave it in the middle of the floor and kick it with no shoes on hours later. Not recommended, but if I weren’t such a dumb ass and would put my shit away when I’m done with it, that would easily be avoided.

Since the first one we’ve picked up a 24 kg one and that’s just as nice with one advantage. The label that’s imprinted onto the kettle bell is recessed instead of sticking out, which could be a problem for clean and jerks.

I’ve been really pleased with this kettle bell and will certainly have this seller at the top of the list when I want more