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Carson Magnifier

With my low vision, magnifiers are definitely one of those things I can never have too many of. I prefer small ones I can easily put in my pocket and take wherever I go, whether it be in the house or out and about. I’ve used little cheap blue ones that Molly got me for years, but over time I’ve lost some of them. I had 5 at one point, but I can think of at least two times that one wound up laying in the woods while geocaching.

Like most things vision related, you just can’t find this sort of thing in normal brick and mortar stores to check out. I’ve found several on Amazon that seemed promising, but just didn’t turn out tot be what I was hoping they’d be. They’d either be too small, too big or not magnify enough.

About a month ago, I misplaced my last little blue one some place in the house, so once again I was on the search on Amazon. I came across the Carson TriView 3x/5.5x/8.5x and 5x/10x/15x Folding Loupes with Built-In Case. Which was only $6.37, so I figured it was worth a try at that price.

At first, when I received them, I was slightly disappointed because they’re a little bigger than I was expecting. I was pleased that the magnification was just right with all 3 lenses open, though. They seem to be of good quality and the lenses are clear to my eye at least. I’ve stepped on one after dropping it in a store, and it still seems fine for my needs. The bit of size different grew on me, and now I really prefer this size over my older, slightly smaller ones.

I use them all over from in the store to see prices or in restaurants to look at the menus. I need to order some more because having magnifying glasses that I really like available is something I take for granted until I don’t have what I need.