The Tree Is Gone Watching The Tree Guy

The tree guys just wrapped up cleaning the yard up. They did an outstanding job and left it cleaner than it was when they got here. I didn’t notice a leaf or twig lying around. They were raking and cleaning up as they went.

They took it down with no damage to the sheds underneath it or our patio. Obviously, we’d moved everything, but they took their time and care to not damage anything that wasn’t mobile. Of course the grass is a little beat up, but that’s inevitable and will come back.

I watched as they worked, and the owner clearly had a plan and knew what he was doing. He also explained it too his other two guys. I got the impression that at least one of them is fairly new. He emphasized safety things.

It took them a while to get out here, but we knew that in advance. He’d wanted to use his crane for the job but was having trouble getting a part or parts for it, so after the last storm he came out without it. It would have made the job easier for him to have the crane, since it was a heavy and large tree.

I highly recommend Allegiant Tree Care in the Mount Joy area.