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Got My Sandbag Back In Order

It’s not really a secret that I really, really enjoy sandbag workouts. They’re just fun to me. It’s almost something primal or something where I have always liked picking things up and throwing them around.

It was a bit over a week ago when we were doing a sandbag WOD out on the patio, thankfully, when I noticed a lot of dust escaping. There’s usually a little as the gravel gets pulverized into sand but this was a lot. I unzipped the outer shell bag and found a lot of loose sand. I figured the double velcro had come undone like my old rep sandbag did constantly but that was fine. I figured fuck it, I’ll just finish the WOD up and deal with it later since we’re outside and it’s only sand. Upon further inspection I discovered the end opposite the velcro on the internal filler bag and developed several decent sized holes.

I contacted Brute Force Sandbags about it and they quickly responded to my message saying that they would get a replacement filler bag sent out. Their warranty processes was flawless other than the form being blocked by ublock, my guess would be because it’s a pop up.

It took a little over a week but I got the replacement today and we got that filled back up and cleaned the shell bag the best we could to reduce the dust. Ideally I would have gotten the replacement a little quicker but they were out of stock to buy so I assume they were out of them and they can’t send what they don’t have. Other than the hiccup of the form not showing due to ad blocking the whole process was smooth and painless.