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Old Computers

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I’ve always been fascinated with computers and how they can work, even as a small child. Now that I am reading Racing the Beam, it really helps me understand more how the Atari 2600 worked.

Old Trusty Hard Drive Giving Smart Errors After 14 Years

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My old trusty hard drive is finally giving me smart errors. I’ve been using it for fourteen years, and it’s been through to computer builds.

Got A Dell P2418HT Touch Screen Monitor

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It’s been a couple of months now since I bought a new monitor. I ended up settling on a Dell P2418HT from B&H Photo B&H Photo is a great place to buy stuff online but that’s another topic for another day. I didn’t really need a new monitor but it was definitely something that would be helpful in many ways. The old Asus one had this odd ring thing in the back to keep it standing up so it was always titled.

Sometimes You Forget How Long You've Had Something When Things Just Work

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In this day and age where everything is basically designed to die the day after the 1 year warranty expires it’s nice to have a pleasant surprise where things just keep working. Printers in the past for us had been notoriously horrible with dying. The ink jet ones were shit. If you didn’t print often the full ink cartridge would be “empty” or it would dry out and print poorly. No matter the brand or the price they all seemed to be terrible.

Finally Put My Windows 10 On An SSD

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I’ve had windows 10 on old Seagate hard drive that I bought in 2007. I really can’t complain about that one. it still works fine. Windows 10 is just anything but efficient with drive use. I hated to buy an SSD for windows which I only boot into once a month if that but I got tired of the click, wait, wait, wait, window shows up with spinning cursor, wait, wait, wait.

Windows 10 Update Is Painfully Slow

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After the last experience I had of wasting hours to use a specific program that required windows but required I do certain painfully slow update that took hours of my time I have started to boot into the steaming pile of turds known as windows 10 more than every few months when I need it just to run windows update. I could upgrade to an SSD for windows but I don’t use it enough to justify the cost of another windows tax.

Deck Hassium Pro Became Unresponsive With LEDs Flashing

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I’ve had the keyboard for 4 years or so I guess. I don’t remember exactly when I had bought it but I have definitely been happy with it since I’ve had it. It has a nice click feeling to the keys and the back lit keys were definitely nice to have for those rare occasions when I have to look for a symbol I don’t use often for it to be muscle memory.

Windows 10 Picks The Worst Times To Be Slow

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I don’t use Windows often at all but once in a while I need boot into it to use a specific program that I haven’t found an alternative to or stuff like update bios and that sort of thing. It seems that they decided to download the annoyingly slow auto updates exactly the times I need to do something quick and reboot back into FreeBSD which is set up how I want it to be.

About A Year Ago I switched From A Mouse To A Track Ball

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Last year I bent my thumb back and it’s had a lump at the joint since then that sometimes irritates me and sometimes it just plain hurts. It happens to hit the edge of the desk when I’m using a mouse at times and my mouse wheel was wearing out and working inconsistently. I tried cleaning it but that didn’t seem to help all that permanently. It lost its clickiness over time too which led me to believe something was worn out inside.

The Game Pitfall Popped Into My Head Today

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We had an Atari 2600 when we were growing up that my aunt who moved to California bought for us for Christmas (I think) one year. I would guess 1983 or so but I can’t remember exactly when. That is certainly one of the earliest things that got me into trying to understand how computers worked. Before that computers were just something I saw on TV. I wanted to know how that little box does these things.