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Deck Hassium Pro Became Unresponsive With LEDs Flashing

I’ve had the keyboard for 4 years or so I guess. I don’t remember exactly when I had bought it but I have definitely been happy with it since I’ve had it. It has a nice click feeling to the keys and the back lit keys were definitely nice to have for those rare occasions when I have to look for a symbol I don’t use often for it to be muscle memory..

For what ever reason yesterday it stopped typing and I noticed the keys were flashing. I tried resetting it with no luck. Tried unplugging it from the USB port for a bit and that didn’t work.

We had time so we went off toe best buy to see if I could find a decent replacement. Surprisingly they had a selection of mechanical keyboards there. Last time I looked in local stores there were none so I had to blindly guess what I might like and order one online. I definitely didn’t want keys that are crunched up together like a laptop. I also wanted a number pad. It’s not often that I use it but when I am just entering numbers that’s nice to have available. I ended up picking up a corsair k95 and like it so far. It feels good but it’s a bit quieter than the old one. It will take a little getting used to like any new keyboard does since there’s always slight differences.

It was one of those times that the sales people never offered to help though when we actually had some questions. Any other time they’re up your ass asking if you need help. Granted the store was pretty busy and over run with non parented kids running around playing with the display computers and shit but you have that anywhere these days.

I plugged in the old keyboard this morning just for the hell of it and it seems to work fine now. Go figure, oh well, at least I can put that one away and have a backup in case or more likely when something happens to this one. A backup is never a bad thing to have. Stuff usually tends to break at the most inconvenient time possible.