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Asymmetrical Internet Connection

tags: A couple of years ago I ripped all of our CDs to flac files so that I could put them on our Fiio music players. That was time consuming at the time but well worth it to just do it once and then just keep up with what we buy new.

I also added them to the NAS but that’s only on the local network. I’ve been wanting a remote back up in case we some how loose the CDs. Not so bright chain smokers live next door for one. Some of our CDs cannot be found anymore.

What I am doing is using rsync to copy them over to a server. It’s really making me notice the difference in out asymmetrical internet connection. I think the download speed is ten times faster than the upload speed. It’s not a secret that they do that.

From my research they did it for technical reason with the limitations of the coax cable. I’m sure that the technology has improved that it’s not as necessary but companies will pinch pennies any way they can.

It’s really not that big of a deal to me though. Once it’s done it’s done. Unless my backup takes a shit I won’t have to reupload it again.

I remember the days of dial up internet. Early on you had to pay after using a certain amount of hours on your connection. It was slow! I’d go online for 30 minutes or what ever and download the stuff I wanted to read to look at it offline. Could you imagine trying to do that with everything using 20 different services to download scripts and refusing to work?

At least once they’re on the server it should be much quicker to move them around if I want to change servers.

Even the time i takes them to upload for the first time won’t be as bad as ripping them all. That was the time consuming part of having the flac files conveniently available to just copy to our devices. That allowed us to store the CDs away too.