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Firefox 4 Beta9 GUI Sucks

Firefox 4 beta 9 was released and I had to try it. It’s not in FreeBSD ports yet so I tried it under wine.. I tried it and it seems to be much, much faster than 3.6.x

The speed improvement is very nice and long over due.. but the GUI? Why in the world would they get rid of the status bar? I depend on that to see where a link may be leading me to. It seems like it tries to show that information in the URL bar but that’s far to short to display anything useful with my large text. Also some of the extensions I use make use of the status bar to display information.

It seems like they are trying to copy Chrome with their GUI and I think chrome’s GUI is terrible. The lack of extensions that I use regularly and awful GUI are what keep me from using Chrome anyways since it seems much faster than Firefox is. Hopefully they give us an option to have a status bar.