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Clicky Keyboard

About 3 years ago I once again found my self needing a new keyboard because my old one had some keys that stopped working. That’s how they always seemed to fail on me other than the one brand new one I dumped orange juice on. Zero out of 5 stars, not recommended.

When we were near a few local electronics stores I tried out the ones they had but hey all had the smaller keys like laptop with no movement and no “feel”. I learned to type on a typewriter when I was a kid and my muscle memory learned that you have to push the keys until you feel it click.

While cleaning out the attic I came across an old IBM type keyboard but it didn’t work. It was the kind that you’d wake the neighbor up when typing! That’s when my search began..

I discovered that you can still buy mechanical keyboards! There were lots of choices some of which are very expensive. They were even available with LED keys! I don’t look at the keyboard at all when I’m typing (again I learned to type in elementary school) unless I am looking for a specific symbol that I rarely use.

I ended up settling on a Deck Hassium Pro White LED Mechanical Keyboard which has been the best one I’ve used for typing in decades. It just works. No missing key strokes or random letters added like I’ve always had in the past. My fingers are fat and tend to bump the keys to the side sometimes. It’s much more comfortable to type on and my accuracy has greatly improved but it didn’t help my spelling. It has a legit USB cord that seems like it would be impossible to break but I do wish you could disconnect it and use your own. I also get the feeling the keyboard itself is sturdy enough to last as long as I want to use it.

I definitely feel like keyboards like many other things have devolved to be more about form over function. Thanks Apple!