Tag: tips

Switched Shells To Fish

- 2 minutes, 395 words
I wanted to switch things up a bit with my shell use, so I switched to Fish after reading good things about it. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but just never did until a few weeks ago.

Finally Fixed Firefox Showing White Form Controls With Dark Theme

- 2 minutes, 304 words
Firefox is my browser of choice. The only other choice on FreeBSD is Chromium, and I don’t like its GUI and lack of customization ability, nor do I like how it handles ignoring website colors. Being legally blind, I prefer white text on a black background. It’s just easier to read that way. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid, using a CCTV in school, where I learned that the negative contrast is just easier on my eyes.

Installing FreeBSD From Linux

- 2 minutes, 287 words
I am switching web hosts and the new one doesn’t offer FreeBSD as an option to install. I had to find a way to convert the Linux installation to FreeBSD. Here’s how I did it.

Caddy Redirects

- 2 minutes, 325 words
I’ve been wanting to remove the dates from my URLs for awhile now. It was easy enough to change the way Hugo generates the files but it was a bit more challenging to get Caddy server to do it. Once I figured it out I had the duh! moment though. I was forgetting a (-) because my bad eyes just weren’t seeing that it was missing but my brain was placing it there.

Handy Firefox Extensions

- 2 minutes, 278 words
Alt-Text for Links1 - Displays the URL of the link in a popup. I find this handy because I know ahead of time where the link is taking me. Download Status bar1 - This extension keeps track of downloads and shows the information in the status bar. Enhanced History Manager1 - This basically is an advanced history manager for Firefox. Forcastfox1 - Shows weather information in the status bar of your browser.