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Got The Hose Nozzle Unstuck From The Hose

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Our garden hose gets stuck to the hose all the time. Normally, I can break it free, but today it wasn’t budging. Tried soaking it in vinegar with no luck, then WD40 with no luck. Back in the vinegar it went while we went out. It came apart like nothing was wrong when we got home.

Switched Shells To Fish

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I wanted to switch things up a bit with my shell use, so I switched to Fish after reading good things about it. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but just never did until a few weeks ago.

Finally Fixed Firefox Showing White Form Controls With Dark Theme

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Firefox is my browser of choice. The only other choice on FreeBSD is Chromium, and I don’t like its GUI and lack of customization ability, nor do I like how it handles ignoring website colors. Being legally blind, I prefer white text on a black background. It’s just easier to read that way. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid, using a CCTV in school, where I learned that the negative contrast is just easier on my eyes.

Caddy Redirects

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I’ve been wanting to remove the dates from my URLs for awhile now. It was easy enough to change the way Hugo generates the files but it was a bit more challenging to get Caddy server to do it. Once I figured it out I had the duh! moment though. I was forgetting a (-) because my bad eyes just weren’t seeing that it was missing but my brain was placing it there.

Extending WIFI

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I’ve been needing to do something to improve our Wi-Fi out back on the patio. For me, it works fine, but my girlfriend’s tablet loses connection. I think I’ve come up with a solution.

Handy Firefox Extensions

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Alt-Text for Links1 - Displays the URL of the link in a popup. I find this handy because I know ahead of time where the link is taking me. Download Status bar1 - This extension keeps track of downloads and shows the information in the status bar. Enhanced History Manager1 - This basically is an advanced history manager for Firefox. Forcastfox1 - Shows weather information in the status bar of your browser.