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Got The Hose Nozzle Unstuck From The Hose

Ever since we had the spigot installed outside to have a garden hose, the connectors have always seemed to get stuck everywhere. I’ve been able to disconnect the short hose from the reel that holds the longer one to let it drain and keep the spigot from freezing. It’s supposed to be freeze proof, but who wants to change it?

Today we wanted to take the nozzle off so we can get a different one to water the garden without the foreful spray. It wasn’t budging. We put it in a bowl of vinegar and that didn’t help after about 45 minutes. I put WD40 in and while it seemed to work its way in it didn’t help after a little while. I went to get my hair cut and put it back in the vinegar, became there was nothing to lose. Got back home about forty-five minutes and brought all the stuff in from the patio with the approaching rain. I saw the sprayer laying in the bowl of vinegar when I was done and figured why not give it a shot. It came off with zero effort at all. Now, if only I knew what worked to break it free.

Looking at it after I separated them it looks like they’re two different metals so that is likely the problem. I always assumed it was the hard water we have here.

It’s always been strange to me that the hard water would cause it since my grandparents used their well for the hose and their water in the house. They didn’t want to pay for the “city water.” My Nan was one of the most frugal person I have ever met but if I needed to borrow cash she had it. They never had a problem with the hose getting stuck on that I can remember.