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New Case Fans Are Amazingly Quiet

After two of my old case fans died, I’d ordered Arctic P12 PWM s to replace them and the remaining one that was still functioning. They’re amazingly quiet.


Got The Hose Nozzle Unstuck From The Hose

Our garden hose gets stuck to the hose all the time. Normally, I can break it free, but today it wasn’t budging. Tried soaking it in vinegar with no luck, then WD40 with no luck. Back in the vinegar it went while we went out. It came apart like nothing was wrong when we got home.


Finally Fixed Firefox Showing White Form Controls With Dark Theme

I finally figured out what was making my Firefox show white form controls with a dark background


Ruined Lawnmower Blade Thanks To The Neighbors

Disrespectful neighbors strike again. This time they had a ball in our yard that I didn’t see and it broke the lawnmower blade.