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Ruined Lawnmower Blade Thanks To The Neighbors

It’s no secret at all that the house next door to us is cursed with rotten neighbors. No one that has lived in that house since we’ve been here has had any common courtesy at all.

Shitty guitar playing in the middle of the night was one of the things. Chain smoking. Getting punched as I’m walking up the sidewalk by their kid when I’ve never said a word to anyone that lives there and just being told he’s going through a punching phase. Chain smoking. Oil on the shared sidewalk. Trash all over the back yard. Wrecking our plants.

This time I was mowing the lawn when I guess this ball was in one of the small holes from the tree roots so I didn’t see it. The lawnmower blade found it though. I don’t know where it came from but I have my suspicion. The same ones that used to throw rocks and bricks in our yard when we had the fence.

Bent Lawnmower blade

This is a picture a bent lawnmower blade on a step stool next to the ball that bent it when I ran it over.

It wasn’t an expensive or difficult fix thankfully. It was just a matter of picking up a new blade at Hostetters and using a wrench to switch them. Luckily the shaft wasn’t bent and didn’t damage the engine because the blade was bent in a way that it was jammed from spinning. We shouldn’t have had to pay for the blade or repair it ourselves considering we didn’t cause it. Lack of parenting caused it.