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Had To Close The Doors And Windows Due To A Fire Pit

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I guess we were spoiled with it being too hot and humid this summer. The jackass neighbors haven’t been using their fire pit. Guess it was too inconvenient for them. Today was a very nice evening, with the temperature in seventies. It was a great night to relax and watch the Phillies with the doors and windows open. I knew they started their fire when my nose started itching and eyes burning.

I Found The Source Of The Nearly Nightly Smoke

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I really am not one to start trouble and don’t worry about what other people do unless it effects me. When I can’t sleep in my own house due to burning throat and eyes from a neighbor’s fire pit I see that as a problem. When I look out the window and see the haze from the smoke it is a problem. This is why stuff gets banned and in my opinion out door fire pits have no place in towns and I really am surprised they haven’t cracked down on them yet.

Can You Do Anything About Smoking Neighbors?

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Just something that’s been bothering me a bit. We live in a row house. A cheap one but it’s what we chose. The neighbors on both sides smoke out on their porches. The smoke comes in our house. Sometimes to the point that my eyes burn. It’s a pain in the ass, especially considering no one in our house smokes. Talking to either neighbor about it would do no good. The idiots who live on one side of our house have no clue what respect means.