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Had To Close The Doors And Windows Due To A Fire Pit

Once again I had to close the doors and windows this evening due to fire pit smoke coming in the house.


I Found The Source Of The Nearly Nightly Smoke

I am not one to start trouble but we’ve been getting a thick haze of smoke every night in the neighborhood. I finally found the source. A few houses down the street has a fire pit that they seem to just let smolder all night. Not smart or legal.


Chain Smoking Neighbors

It’s nice enough to have the windows open. Of course, that means it’s nice enough for the chain-smoking neighbors to be out with their cancer sticks, polluting our house.


Ruined Lawnmower Blade Thanks To The Neighbors

Disrespectful neighbors strike again. This time they had a ball in our yard that I didn’t see and it broke the lawnmower blade.


Can You Do Anything About Smoking Neighbors?

One thing I wonder often is if there’s anyone you can do about neighbors smoking. On both sides we have chain smokers and the smoke pours into our house all sumer long.