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Can You Do Anything About Smoking Neighbors?

Just something that’s been bothering me a bit. We live in a row house. A cheap one but it’s what we chose. The neighbors on both sides smoke out on their porches. The smoke comes in our house. Sometimes to the point that my eyes burn. It’s a pain in the ass, especially considering no one in our house smokes.

Talking to either neighbor about it would do no good. The idiots who live on one side of our house have no clue what respect means. It’s two people, their adult son, a kid, their daughter and her husband and their two whiny little kids. They have to be the dumbest family I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the even managed to create more kids.

The two youngest kids are maybe around 5 years old.. They’ve hit me, ran into me and almost ran into me on a bike while carrying groceries into the house. The whole time the mother never says anything or even notices. They hit our house. They’ve destroyed our flowers. They’re always out side screeching and screaming. My only hope for them is that Darwinism dos what it’s supposed to do.

When the neighbors are out side smoking the cigarette smoke usually comes in our windows. I know it’s not fair to for anyone to say they can’t smoke on they’re property but is it fair to us that we have to deal with the smoke on our property inside of our house? What about any effects it may have on our health in the long term?

The smoke smell hangs in our house some times. One night last week I kept waking up and smelling it and thinking their is a fire because of smelling smoke as soon as I woke up. For that matter I am amazed there hasn’t been a fire. The retards on one side of us don’t watch their kids at all. The adult son that lives with them did burn their house playing with fire next to the house when he was a kid. The siding is off the wall their and their landlord never fixed it. There is practically a hole there now.

I hate cigarettes and cigarette smoke.