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Had To Close The Doors And Windows Due To A Fire Pit

I guess we were spoiled with it being too hot and humid this summer. The jackass neighbors haven’t been using their fire pit. Guess it was too inconvenient for them. Today was a very nice evening, with the temperature in seventies. It was a great night to relax and watch the Phillies with the doors and windows open.

I knew they started their fire when my nose started itching and eyes burning. Shortly after that, I smelled it. That was confirmed when we went for our evening walk, which goes past their house.

By the time we got home, the smoke was so bad in our own house that we were coughing and had to shut the doors and windows. Yes, we had to close up our hose and not enjoy the nice evening air due to someone several houses down. My air quality monitor showed the PM2.5 had jumped to the upper end of the unhealthy range. Again, this is inside our own house.

I know it would be suggested that we should talk to them about it but considering the fire pit is illegally too close to both the neighbor’s house who is elderly and has health issues and their own house they obviously don’t care. The fact that they don’t even bother to extinguish it when they go inside reaffirms that. I’ve woken up to a smokey haze in our house from it. I’ve almost called 911 on more than one occasion thinking their was a fire in our house from it but like to figure out the source first to not waste the volunteer firefighters’ time.

Hell, they’re the same people who left a sheet of ice on their sidewalk last winter for a week or so, even though they have a herd of adult children living there. Not one of them could be bothered to put salt down. They also are entitled enough to shovel the snow from around their cars into the freshly plowed street, and have been caught doing so. It was funny watching them have to shovel it back out of the street.

I’m not one to go to the borough and complain about much of anything unless it was an absolute and immediate safety hazard, but there are plenty of busy bodies around here that are too concerned about what others do than themselves, so it’s a matter of time until complaints happen. It’s people like these neighbors who are going to spoil fire pits for everyone eventually. It’s happened in other towns, and it’ll happen here in time with the large amount of holier than thou types that live here. Then again every one I’ve seen used is in some way not being used according to t he boro’s rules. Too close to a house. Not covered. You name it.