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If Your Website Wants Me To Confirm That I'm Human When Finding It From A Search Engine Its A Lost Sale

- 1 minutes, 168 words
I have been noticing more often that websites are doing the annoying confirm that you’re a human thing. I’ve had a few store websites do that upon clicking from the search engine. That is a lost sale from me at least.

Needless JavaScript

- 1 minutes, 204 words
There is so much bloat with needless JavaScript out there on the web these days it’s insane.

Xdelivery Is The Worst Shipper Out There

- 1 minutes, 128 words
X delivery is absolutely the worst shipper I have ever gotten packages from.

I Don't Appreciate Getting Spam Texts Totally Unrelated To My Order

- 2 minutes, 259 words
I hate that legitimate companies find any way they can to spam you. The fact that I’ve made multiple orders should be enough that I don’t need text spams.

I Don't Want Your Irrelevant Spam

- 2 minutes, 275 words
I don’t want to keep being added to your spam list with programs that are completely irrelevant to me. Last time I checked I’m neither a woman or a mom so I wouldn’t be allowed to do your woman’s only class.

Fake Screenshot Spam Is A Sure Way To Get Your App Uninstalled

- 2 minutes, 280 words
As handy as smart phones are it really gets old and frustrating when almost everything does shady shit. Everything is fighting for your attention to show you more ads or make you buy shit or just have more ability to track you. This morning I saw a new one to me with a game I had installed some time ago adding screen shots to my gallery. The thing is I haven’t played it in a long time and thought I had actually uninstalled it.

Why Do Website Over complicate things?

- 2 minutes, 215 words
I have been wondering why it is that so many websites seem to overcomplicate things. I think that dangers have contests to see how many clicks at can take to do normal things.

Annoying Popups

- 2 minutes, 242 words
We’ve all seen them on something like ninety percent of the websites out there. You know the ones that pop up begging for you to subscribe to their email list or the chat pop ups and lets not for get the modal cookie pop ups that really don’t give you a choice. Thankfully ublock eats a lot of these popups to make websites more usable. Today I ran into an instance that was particularly annoying.

Nothing's Changed At The Grocery Store

- 2 minutes, 282 words
We haven’t been able to go to the grocery store ourselves for a few weeks. Well we could have just ignored the quarantine like so many other people have done but instead tried to do the right thing. I am sure I’ve mentioned it before but I just loathe going into Giant. It brings out the worst rudeness in people. It’s like Mount Joy’s own mini Walmart. The old people were everywhere just blatantly invading my space.

Websites Think My Address Is Invalid

- 1 minutes, 124 words
This is for a major company’s website not just some brand new company. The company begging with the letter V needed me to update my card for billing as the old one is expiring. No big deal I thought. Annoyingly my address has a half in it which every once in a while becomes problematic when trying to order something. Too many of these large cooperation’ website try to verify the address is valid.