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I Will Not Pay More To Read Content Online

So, our local newspaper has decided that they want me to pay a few dollars to read more than 15 articles online. To me, this would be fine if I didn’t already pay to have it delivered. Why should I have to pay extra to read it online on a page loaded with ads? I don’t really feel that I should have to pay twice for the same content. I don’t read the print version myself because of the small print not working with my eyesight. The truth of the matter is I would have canceled the subscription long ago if my girlfriend didn’t read it.

I understand they are a business and their goal is to make money. If they want to make money from me, they need to give me something worth paying for and not the poorly written error filled stuff they publish. Furthermore, I would prefer it to be politically neutral. Truthfully, I can say that if I wanted “conservative” news, I would turn on faux news. I expect facts in news, so I could make my own educated decisions. I am able to make educated decisions and don’t need someone to tell me what’s right.