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I Really Don't Need Multiple Spams A Day From The Same Company

I don’t check my email often unless I’m expecting something important since the usefulness of email has long been damaged by spammers. One such company that really does this is the shoe company that used to have a deal with Crossfit. At the time their shoes were good for me. Over time I gave Nike’s metcoms a try and actually prefer them. Clearly I know how to find you since I’ve ordered from you and unsubscribed multiple times from your spam lists.

Ordering a product from your company shouldn’t imply permission to spam me when you want and as often as you want. Sometimes I get the multiple times a day! I really just gave you my contact information for my order not for lifetime spam that randomly gets resubscribed sometime after I unsubscribed. Doing this shit is a great way for me to look elsewhere when I want to buy something.