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I Don't Appreciate Getting Spam Texts Totally Unrelated To My Order

I hate that legitimate companies find any way they can to spam you. The fact that I’ve made multiple orders should be enough that I don’t need text spams.


I Don't Want Your Irrelevant Spam

I don’t want to keep being added to your spam list with programs that are completely irrelevant to me. Last time I checked I’m neither a woman or a mom so I wouldn’t be allowed to do your woman’s only class.


Fake Facebook Reviews

I just happened to take a look at a local business’ Facebook page. We were customers at one point and wondered how they were doing. With the current travel restrictions there’s a big wave of visitors dropping in. Oh the business is currently closed too. Fake reviews like this make me as customer skip right past your business.


I Really Don't Need Multiple Spams A Day From The Same Company

I really don’t need or want multiple spams a day from the same company. Recently I was getting them from a company who had Crossfit shoes that I liked. Legitimate companies should not have to spam.


I Don't Want Tons Of Spam

I don’t check my email that often these days because of the insane amount of spam that I seem to get. Please don’t add me to multiple mailing lists when I buy your product or service.


Legit Companies Need To Stop Abusing My Email

Daily spam messages are not what I signed up for when I purchased something. Please stop abusing my inbox if you’re a legitimate company. Reserve that for spammers and MLM shit.


Stop Spamming Me!

Just because I made just one purchase from a website doesn’t mean I want to sign up for the daily spam.


Another Annoyance

I’ve been noticing a trend recently of websites having a pop-up over the content begging for your email address. Nothing worse than adding extra clicks.


I Hate Spam

I hate spam. hate the fact that I have to waste so much of my time going through my email looking for the one important thing among the endless spam.

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