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I Don't Want Your Irrelevant Spam

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I don’t want to keep being added to your spam list with programs that are completely irrelevant to me. Last time I checked I’m neither a woman or a mom so I wouldn’t be allowed to do your woman’s only class.

Fake Facebook Reviews

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This morning I just happened to take notice of a business’s Facebook page that we used to be customers of. While we are no longer customers I have no desire to see them fail or anything like that. COVID is sure to be hurting them along with many other small businesses right now. I do glance at their posts once in a while and happened to click on the reviews section.

I Really Don't Need Multiple Spams A Day From The Same Company

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I don’t check my email often unless I’m expecting something important since the usefulness of email has long been damaged by spammers. One such company that really does this is the shoe company that used to have a deal with Crossfit. At the time their shoes were good for me. Over time I gave Nike’s metcoms a try and actually prefer them. Clearly I know how to find you since I’ve ordered from you and unsubscribed multiple times from your spam lists.

I Don't Want Tons Of Spam

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I don’t check my email that often these days because of the insane amount of spam that I seem to get. Please don’t add me to multiple mailing lists when I buy your product or service.

I Hate Spam

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I hate spam. I hate the fact that I have to waste my time going through my email to look for an important message sifting through what is ninety percent spam. Email is basically useless with such a high signal to noise ratio. Could you imagine if your regular phone worked like email does? It would be constantly ringing to try to trick you into buying Viagra. Close behind that would be people trying to sell you the next new way to lose weight.