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I Hate Spam

I hate spam.  I hate the fact that I have to waste my time going through my email to look for an important message sifting through what is ninety percent spam.  Email is basically useless with such a high signal to noise ratio.

Could you imagine if your regular phone  worked like email does?  It would be constantly ringing to try to trick you into buying Viagra.

Close behind that would be people trying to sell you the next new way to lose weight.  It would be all about the new medical diet or the next fat burning pill.  Then there would be the revolutionary devices that make your lose  weight while doing nothing.

If I believed in Hell I would really hope there is a special area reserved for spammers and those who sell email addresses to spammers.  Die now spammers.  The spam must work to a point or else they wouldn’t bother.  This just shows the sad state of humanity.