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I Don't Want Your Irrelevant Spam

Nothing like having my valuable time wasted by getting irrelevant spam from a gym I used to go to. Last time I checked I couldn’t go to a woman’s only class even if I wanted to. Then again it’s 2021 so I guess I could just say I that I identify as one.

On a more serious not just stop with the no effort business practices and work to differentiate yourself. Don’t do what the latest business coach you’re using or what ever they call themselves tell you when their entire website reads as an infomercial. When I read through the stuff I kept hearing shamwow in my head! Their business isn’t to help you, it’s to take your money.

Back to the annoying email. Don’t waste my time. Even though it took a few seconds to delete it it’s stuff a complete waste of my valuable time. Remember I’ve unsubscribed multiple times from your email. This particular one didn’t even have a way to unsubscribe. I gave you my email address for when I used for business. It’s not for you to continue to put back on your spam lists when you’re wanting to send out spam. Maybe I am old school but this sort of thing to me is a shady business practice and enough to keep me away.

I gave you my contact information for when I did business with you not for when you see fit to beg. Respect the fact that I unsubscribed multiple times. Quit abusing it as it’s a surefire way to get me to never ever do business with you again and also suggest my friends don’t.