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I Don't Appreciate Getting Spam Texts Totally Unrelated To My Order

I will not name the company here but I ordered something online and my phone number I guess was provided by PayPal. No problem with that at all because I’ve had a case recently where I was contacted about an order from another company to confirm sizing. Hell I may have clicked on something to opt in to the texts but I would have not done so on purpose.

I think the more likely scenario is that I was opted in without knowing it. Sure they said only 2 or 3 texts a month but if ever seller I ordered from online did that I’d be getting ten a day. It’s bad enough that my email’s usefulness has been essentially destroyed by “marketing.” I’d prefer is my phone number doesn’t go the same route. If I didn’t have unlimited texts this poor “marketing” practice could actually by costing me.

The sooner we get away from these business practices the better.

I guess it’s a downfall of phones and texting being so cheap. This wouldn’t have happened when they were expensive. I think the real solution is to have people interrupt and harass company owners and executives once for every single unwanted message that goes out. I bet that would make these annoying spams be reduced quicker than a criminal who is sorry after they get caught.

With this particular company I have made multiple orders. If I get one more text unrelated to an active order now that I’ve opted out I will no longer order anything from them.