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Funny To See A Page Of Browser Tweaks To Get Rid Of Web Annoyances Have Several Of Them Itself

I was searching to see if there’s a method to disable the stupidly used and unnecessary fade in effect that so many pages seem to use these days. There’s nothing like waiting for the stupid fade ins when things can load pretty much instantly now. This is really noticeable with discourse based sites. Between that and the “infinite scroll” that they use it really makes things so much slower than they need to be.

Well anyways the page that I first clicked on first had the stupid cookie pop up thing. The cookie pop up thing was of course number one on their list. Pretty ironic.

Of course it also includes the annoying privacy policy that really tells you nothing and it’s another non choice thing they have.

Lets not forget an unrelated to the topic at hand auto playing video that takes up a good chunk of my screen. If I had to take a guess I would say it takes up about one half to one quarter of the width of the screen. It’s of course locked in place so when you scroll it doesn’t even go away so you can read what brought you to the page in the first place. That as it turns out is number 4 on their list.

The other side of the screen had a good portion of the real estate taken up but useless Facebook, twitter and other social media icons. These need to die off but that would reduce their tracking ability so of course they won’t

Finally the delayed pop up begging for my email address. This one wanted to offer me daily COVID19 updates. No thanks. I’ll choose my sources for information based on what I would consider reliable. I don’t want to opt in to your spam forever.