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Pretty Interesting Failed Assumption

I came across a link to a website with a map of the world’s biggest polluters. I thought that seemed pretty interesting. So, I went to the site to check it out. The map flat out refused to load. The developers coded it to not work on mobile, which is understandable with screen size and all, although it’s admittedly surprising with how prevalent mobile devices are.

At first, I thought maybe it was because of my user agent. I’ve had more than one case where a site refused to work because of FreeBSD in the user agent. For whatever reason, I double-clicked the title bar to maximize the window, then it worked. I guess it decided I was on mobile by window size perhaps? I wasn’t aware of the fact that I had to use a maximized window for my browser.

Being visually impaired, I have my face so close to the screen I’d have to physically move my head side to side to read. Everything monitor appears to be wide screens these days which is good for just consuming videos but for text it’s not the best aspect ratio.

The website was just one of many examples of sites using scripts and whatnot to attempt to be smarter than they really are. There are times when it makes sense, but more often than not it makes no sense to set limitations. Oddly, enough, the website that I am posting about worked just fine in my browser a little later, so I guess that they did fix it at least. Ordinarily, it stays broken indefinitely, or at least until the next “design.”