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Needless JavaScript

Years ago I ran my browser without JavaScript but then I enabled it for some useful stuff. Today a vast majority of sites seem to require it and in my experimentation today they just outright do nothing without it.

What JavaScript is doing is allowing all sorts of arbitrary code to run. It’s mostly doing stuff like tracking. You have no idea where that code is coming from or what’s in it and aren’t really given a choice.

If it’s not the tracking it’s pointless animations. When I have to wait for your site’s stupid animations that interrupt the flow of what I am there for you can be assured I will quickly move on to another site. That would be a customer lost if I were looking to sign up for your service.

It’s a shame that it’s so overused and abused. It really is a powerful tool that has brought a lot of good to the interwebs with easy access. Look at maps for example. If you told me back in the mid to late nineties that stuff like google maps was going to be out there without having ti install any unstable plugins I would have thought you were shitting me.