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Needless JavaScript

There is so much bloat with needless JavaScript out there on the web these days it’s insane.


Annoying Popups

We’ve all been annoyed by the many disruptive pop ups on website. The current fad is for them to beg for you to subscribe with your email address so that they can spam you.


So Much Has Changed In Access To Information From When I Was Growing Up

So much has changed when it comes to access to information. Growing up we didn’t even have a phone because we were too poor. Now We have a cheap phone with instant access to nearly any information you could want at anytime you want.


It Would Be Nice If Pay Walled Sites Were Pushed Down In Search Results

I would be nice if paywalled websites could be pushed down in the search results. Even a filter would be great. That will never happen because there’s too much money involved.


You're Still Not Getting My Email Address

I’ve complained about the stupid email sign up for our mailing list popups before, but here I am again.


Please Stop With The Auto Play Videos

Please stop using auto play videos on news articles. It’s fine to have the video but allow me to chance to click play if I’d like to watch it. Don’t eat my bandwidth and processing power for nothing.


What Happened To Slashdot?

What happened to Slashdot? At one point it was my go-to website. These days it’s so slow and bloated I hardly visit it.

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Stop Begging For My Email Address!

I really wish that websites would chill out with the annoying windows begging for my email address.


Die CAPTCHA Inventor DIE!

CAPTCHA Are one of the few things that I truly hate. All they are is an hindrance for me with my visual impairment. The audio ones are so muffled that I can’t make them out with my less than perfect hearing.


Google Claims They Are Cracking Down On Spam

Google claims they are cracking down n spam. As nice as thaT would be that gets filed under I’ll believe it when I see it.


Pointless Use Of Flash

I looked up a local pizza place’s website to see if they deliver. Their website was a train wreck. All sorts of pointless flash as used.


Myths About Visually Impaired Computer Users

There are many myths of misconceptions about visually impaired computer users. On Reddit I saw a legally blind person ask for advice and there were some good suggestion then some things that were outright ignorant.