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Annoying Popups

We’ve all seen them on something like ninety percent of the websites out there. You know the ones that pop up begging for you to subscribe to their email list or the chat pop ups and lets not for get the modal cookie pop ups that really don’t give you a choice. Thankfully ublock eats a lot of these popups to make websites more usable.

Today I ran into an instance that was particularly annoying. First of all to fill out a warranty for which wasn’t showing up but I knew existed because customer service told me to use it with a link, I had to disable ublock. Annoying but not a huge deal. Naturally the web page also had one of those extra annoying begging for your email pop ups that completely disrupted me filling out the form. Once I got that sorted I finished the warranty form and it was a nicely designed one other that the fact that it was blocked by ad blocking.

I just wonder who actually tests this stuff out and checks the functionality of it rather than just saying it looks pretty. If I were a business selling products I would want as many customers as possible to be able to see and use my site. Many a website have lost me as a customer pulling stuff like this. I shouldn’t have to hunt for ways to close email begging popups to order a product.