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So Much Has Changed In Access To Information From When I Was Growing Up

I was reading an article last night in 2600 about phone systems and it brought up how much has changed. Growing up phones were expensive and certainly cell phones were out of the question. We didn’t even have a working landline. If we had one to call long distance would have been very expensive unlike now.

For 40 dollars a month now I get a cell phone with unlimited calling anywhere, at least in the United States and maybe some other places but I don’t call them so I wouldn’t know. II also have the option of unlimited texting.

It also includes internet data so I have an connection to the internet virtually anywhere I am. It’s mind blowing to me when I think about how it was beyond my imagination has a young child. I just wanted to be able to easily go to a library anytime I wanted then but even that wasn’t feasible considering my mom didn’t drive and dad worked long hours.

Even at home having the always connected broadband spoils you. It’s so easy to just google (or in my case DuckDuckGo) something. It is frustrating weeding through all the misinformation and pages that gamed the system but that’s the reality of anything. People will find a way.

I can’t help but wonder how things might be different for me if I had access to easy information as a young kid like there is available now. I always had a strong need to learn about things.