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First Time Really Running On The Assault Runner

Today was the first time really ran on the assault runner. I’ve done a couple of times with short times playing with running but never a full interval until today. It went much better than I expected.


First Time Doing A Running WOD In I Don't Know How Long

Today was the first time I did an outside running WOD since last fall. I really did much better with it than I expected to do.


Running Sucks!

Anyone who knows me knows of my strong dislike of running. Being visually impaired really puts a damper on any joy I would get from it. This year, for Halloween, I decided to have a little fun with it.


Today I Ran For The First Time Since Last Fall

I’m no fan of running in any way but with the decent weather I tried out my first running WOD since last fall and really surprised myself.


It Never Fails When I'm Doing A Running WOD, Everyone Needs To Drive In The Alley When It's Time To Run

It never fails. When I decide to do a running WOD everyone needs to drive down our Alley. It can go hours without a car passing until I go out there to run. It seems that someone has to drive on it every lap.


Working On Running

Even though I loathe running, I have been working on improving it. I have hated to run ever since I was a small child.