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First Time Doing A Running WOD In I Don't Know How Long

Today was a decently nice enough day outside by February standards that we decided to do the running version of today’s WOD together outside. I don’t think I have done an outside running version of a workout myself since maybe Halloween.

I actually did surprisingly well with the running. It didn’t kill me. The only real problem I had with it is my feet not being used to hitting the uneven road so hard. My best shoes for running WODs are my old, worn out nanos, and they didn’t help either. The only thing that limited me with the running was my heels. I wanted to avoid pissing them off too much. There were also kettlebell swings in the WOD, so I wanted solid shoes for that, so my feet weren’t moving around on the patio too much. Those I went all unbroken on. Some were overhead and some not, but as I always say, forcing overhead swings is just stupid.

Molly said she wanted to do the WOD outside, I knew I had to wear my cheetah costume. I just had to wear that thing to make her laugh and distract her. I warned here that I would have to wear my running sucks shirt. She didn’t know what that meant, but I did. I started out doing the first half of the WOD with sweatpants on and my sweat shirt. It was only in the 40s and didn’t know whether it would be too chilly or not. It was pretty breezy.

Little did she know that I had my cheetah thing on underneath and pulled off my jacket and sweatpants during the rest and sprinted past her with the tail flying. She said that she laughed and that was my goal. That thing is pretty comfortable. I would think it’d be too hot, especially being long sleeved and all, but it isn’t. It’s warm, but it’s like it’s cooling at the same time. At least to me, it is very to wear and comfortable to actually work out in it.