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First Time Really Running On The Assault Runner

Today I woke up feeling great. I felt good the past couple of days, but this morning was the first I felt like I was about a hundred percent back to normal. I was toying with the idea of doing an all out WOD today, and was going back and forth in my head between doing an endurance interval one on the runner or bike.

It was a bright sunny morning with the sun shining in the south-facing window of the room where the treadmill is located. That made the decision for me. The bike is next to it, but the runner would get me in the sun. First I tried to go relax a bit on the patio, but it was a bit chilly for that and breezy with water dropping from the tree.

After looking through some of the interval available from Street Parking, I settled on ten rounds of one minute on and one minute of rest. I wanted it to be a little challenging for me to do, and that seemed like a good fit for what I wanted.

The first few rounds weren’t bad at all. I quickly discovered that I was able to hit some pretty fast sprints on the runner this time. Not a hundred percent yet, but I am still in that spacial and control learning phase. Not only was I able to run pretty good, but I was capable of maintaining it for the most part for each minute of time. I wound up getting just over a mile of running in.

It may not seem like much to a runner, but I’m no runner and had always struggled with treadmills in general. With my visual impairment, I always struggled to keep an awareness of where I was on the treadmill. There were time when I’d kick the front or go off the side of the belt when we went into snap fitness. Of course that visual impairment interferes with me running outside too with traffic and such.

The other thing I struggled with in there was speed. That went along with my vision problems. I couldn’t see it to set the speed without stopping to look. What I am enjoying about the assault runner is it has no motor. It goes as fast or slow as you make it go. It reacts more quickly than I would have expected to you going faster or slower.

As should be expected, I burned out a bit towards the end. I went all out the last minute, but the interval seven, eight, and nine were a bit slower. It went far better than I expected that it would be, so needless to say I was happy.

Molly was home today, and it has been a while, so of course I wore my cheetah costume with the running sucks shirt. I didn’t tell her I was even going to do the WOD. I walked past while she was watching TV. While doing either the first or second interval, I heard her laugh when she came out, so it was worth it. Even better is her see me do it inspired her to hop on the bike. Why not have fun?

I relaxed a while and read some hacker news stuff. Molly decided she wanted to do a shift WOD from last week, so I said I’d do it with here. That was just rounds of unbroken hang power clean, push press and hang clean and presses. I went with the thirty pound dumbbells. I wanted speed out of this WOD, and that’s what I got. My rounds varied between thirty-five and twenty-five seconds. I was done with the ten rounds in under ten minutes and felt great.

Music for the WOD was Illogicist.