Working On Running

I hate running, I have always hated running even as a kid, I did not like doing it. At Crossfit It was programmed way too often in my opinion. I wasn’t paying to be told to go play in traffic. You had to either cross a busy road which of course with my vision problems I’m going to err on the caution side of things or for 100 to 200 meters it was run back and fourth in the shopping center’s parking lot and people tend to not pay attention to what the fuck they’re doing while driving in parking lots so I never felt safe doing that.

Here at home I can run in the alley. There’s hardly any traffic back there. It can be hours between seeing cars driving past but of course when ever I’m out there there is one driving down the alley and usually going slower than a snail so I wait for them and lose time.

It’s definitely not one of those things I’ll ever truly enjoy but I do feel it is a useful addition to the other things I do for general health and fitness.