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Today I Ran For The First Time Since Last Fall

I don’t really make it a secret that I am not a fan of running but I know it’s good for me to at least do some of it. Today I intended to row a 10k but that wasn’t happening with my hands being a bit bitched up from all of the grippy stuff yesterday. I still managed about 3500k but blisters on my hand wouldn’t be beneficial to me so I stopped there for the day. The row wasn’t enough and given my very heavy squats to morrow and my shoulders being toast I didn’t want to do an intense WOD.

It was sunny and in the mid 40s so I thought I’d go run a bit and see what my watch gives me for a vo2max. The alley wasn’t working but Molly being home she suggested we go to a nearby park.

It was better than the road but still not ideal given half the trail loop was snow covered but I made it work but just running back and fourth. I want to try it on the loop sometime where I don’t have to stop to turn around. Being visually impaired I always stop and look/listen before I turn around if someone’s not with me. I’d be devastated if I ran down some kid or something just enjoying the trail as I am.

I was a more than a little surprised when I didn’t really get out of breath like I normally do and probably PRed my mile. Still slow by most people’s standards but I have the eyes thing and am overly cautious. I didn’t really even push myself on the run. It felt more like a fast jog.

Now I am anxious to try to push it over at the park sometime in the near future when I don’t have to stop and turn around and see what I can do.