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I Don't Need An Animated Scroll Effect To The Bottom Of Your Page When I Click Support

I just visited Samsung’s website to find out something about my SSD. They’re website has been shit for as long as I can remember, even back when I had a note 5 phone.

When I clicked support to find out just out of pure curiosity whether there are any firmware updates available for it after reading about a bug in a different brand. I don’t doubt there are firmware updates since SSDs basically are controlled by their own mini computer.

The website loaded with the typical for today pointless scrolling text effects that really add nothing of value and just take up more of my bandwidth and processing power to load and run the java scripts. It’s not a big deal here on the computer but when on the tablet that crap really can slow things down.

When I am looking for information on things I would prefer to not have moving, bouncing shiny things that impress fucking idiots. That type of distraction has made me not to buy products or sign up of for services every single time. I don’t know maybe I am just an odd case but I think what really goes on with these stupid animations is marketers and designers are good and bullshitting companies.

Nothing like clicking on a link for what should be simple information to have to weight for it to scroll and be pretty. This useless bloat is like the old flash sites but you can’t easily disable these effects because sometimes java script does serve reasonably useful purposes.

This particular scroll effect at least isn’t as bad as some of the other websites I’ve came across that fade in the next screen when you scroll down or even decide to scroll it from the side. It’s not as bad now as it used to be but in the past there were plenty of times I came across sites like this that were broken in Firefox or and oddity with the script. Sell me your product based on your product, not by trying to be all flashy like bad commercials.