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Something Went Wrong

I notice it often but it seems to be happening even more often these days where websites give the useless error messages. So many have become so overly complicated that there are too many failure points.

My favorite is when it says “Something went Wrong, try again later.” How much later do they mean? Sometimes it works immediately. Sometimes it’s still giving the same error months later with no indication on weather the service will ever be fixed.

I would be willing to bet that the trackers never fail like that and get ignorede. There’s money in that. Somewhere along the line we as users have learned to accept shit. We accept all the tracking. We accept poor designs. All the random changes and A/B testing are accepted where the only thing these tests do is make things even more hostile. The enshittification of most things on the web is so blatant but people just continue to use these services while complaining about it.