Websites With Large Unhideable Headers

I saw a link to a website with an article about Corona Virus last night so I decided to read it. The websites header took up a quarter of the screen and there was no way to make it go away. It was far too much of a distraction to read the article.

I hadn’t seen these type of headers in a while but they seemed to be more of a fad a few years back. I remember one news site back then had a giant header and sidebar with a tiny part of the window available to read the article. Needless to say that website went into the blacklist in my head. Now they seem to be popping up again , mostly on shopping type sites. No problem for me to find the product I was going to buy elsewhere if you want to make your website a convoluted mess.

It certainly does make me wonder who thinks this is a good idea and who approves this crap. Maybe it looks pretty but have they actually tried to use it? I’m not sure usability is really taken into account with much of anything these days let alone websites.