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Guess I Need To Shop For More Jeans

Things just aren’t made like they used to be. It seems as if it doesn’t matter at all what you’re buying. Everything has declined in quality. Most of my newer jeans are all ripped at the same spot. Right on the edge of the back pocket. There is a tiny tag there. I always liked the way Levis fit, and they seemed to be good quality in the past, but that isn’t what comes to mind these days. Maybe I will try some other ones out. No matter what I get, it’s certain to turn out to be crap anyway.

On Thursday, I lucked out and had a pair completely ripped in that spot here at home. I literally just bent over to move an abmat so it didn’t get stepped on. I was talking to my mom on the phone when I said, “Shit, my jeans just ripped. Guess it’s a good thing it didn’t happen on the way to or at Joy’s” then I laughed. Knowing my luck, if it had happened, it would have been just as I walked in the door or something like that.

Moving ahead to this morning, I noticed a tiny hole in the jeans I am wearing now, right in the same spot. It seems to be right where the tiny tag is sewn in at the edge of the pocket. I believe it might have something to do with that because it happens in the same pocket with that tag every time.

It’s strange to me how, even though they’re far more beat up, my old pairs that still fit are in better shape as far as not ripping. I’m talking ten or more years. The old ones are wearing out, yet they seem to be staying in better shape. Sure, they are more worn and have holes in the knees and stuff where it would be expected, but not in the back pocket. It’s a shame I used those for geocaching when I do where pants rather than the newer but lesser quality ones. Oh, well. Even though the thorns ripped them up, they aren’t getting big holes in them in strange places. The knees are worn out, but that’s where I’d expect them to rip first.

I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Race to the bottom for quality, but keep the price the same. Everyone wants infinite growth, but that’s not sustainable.

I guess I will have to go shopping for more jeans now. I hate doing that because I can’t see the sizes in the store, but I have to try them on. It seems to be that the size is just so inconsistent. That falls right in line with the race to the bottom for quality, though. Stores have mostly pairs that are just too big for me since people have gotten so fat or have skinny jeans, which I don’t like.

If I can get an idea of what I like, I can order them online. Amazon makes returns easy. That may be the only reason I still buy stuff from them. The prices aren’t as good as they used to be, plus there is just so much crap on there.