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If Your Website Wants Me To Confirm That I'm Human When Finding It From A Search Engine Its A Lost Sale

I have been noticing it more often lately, but it’s still an annoying thing. I am certain that they’d claim that it’s to prevent scrapers or bots. Who do they think they’re kidding, though? Bot and scraper makers find ways around that.

Half of the time, those buttons and what not don’t work properly. The reality of those stupid things is that they just introduce yet another script that may or may not be insecure to run on your machine without my consent. The abuse of the usage of JavaScript is one of the worst things that’s happened to the internet.

It’s probably yet another way for someone to track you and what you do without your consent. That’s where we are now, though.

Even if I do confirm that I am human, it’s safe to consider it very unlikely that you’ll get a sale from me just for the point of the matter. It’s yet another unnecessary annoyance to add to the pile that are trendy now.