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I came across a website this morning that I just could not sign up for thanks to CAPTCHAs. It was not a site I needed but just wanted to sign up to check it out so it’s not really important. I know I’ve written about this before but it can’t hurt to mention it again.

The text in the picture was so distorted it was hard to read it. To top things off the picture had very poor contrast so it was hard to tell where the text ended and the background color began. Enlarging the image didn’t help like it sometimes does. I don’t like spam but it’s slightly annoying when CAPTCHAs keep legitimate users from signing up.

Most of the time when they use the graphic CAPTCHAs I can get by but once in a while one comes up that just isn’t possible to work with. They seem to be getting more distorted. They work good in theory but they do have their limitations. I can understand why they’re used but they do have an impact on accessibility.