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Entitled People

Saturday, May 29, 2021
It’s everywhere and really should not surprise me but every once in a while I come across something in a review or similar type of post that just shows how entitled some people really are. One thing about entitlement that comes to mind for me is senior discounts. It’s a nice gesture if a business offers one but it’s certainly not something that should be expected. I mean the discount would be a nice gesture but certainly not something I would ever bitch about not having.

First Time Having Rita's Water Ice In Years

Thursday, May 27, 2021
We went to the oldest grand daughter’s softball game last again and while I can’t see what’s going on it’s important to me to go to some of her games. Unlike last time we went a couple of years ago she’s no longer afraid of the ball. It also seems that she likes stealing bases. She seems very competitive now. The other grand kids didn’t even bother with us but it’s not a bad thing as their is a playground right there and their cousins were there.

I Just Rediscovered Webrings

Sunday, Jun 28, 2020
One of the odd things I remember from the web in the late 90s is Webrings. It would be pretty cool to spend a night clicking the through the links on one if you found an interesting one. Search engines weren’t as good back then and there were just far fewer sites. Then people made a site on something they were interested in or their art or other information. It was long before spammy ad filled SEO abusing websites.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2020
Please don’t say happy Memorial Day. It’s not a happy thing to honor veterans that never made it back home. I just never really understood why people say happy Memorial Day or even how that got started. Do people not realize the real reason for the holiday? I just feel that a lot of folks just don’t give it a thought or even understand it. It’s a long weekend for most people so there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it.

The Street Has Been So Eerily Quiet

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020
I just heard the first truck go past for today which caught my attention because there typically is so much truck traffic through here. Normally the truck traffic here is pretty annoying but I always say there could be worse things since trucks me things are being made and people are working, buying and selling stuff. There’s also been a big reduction in normal car traffic. People figured out when a bridge was closed that they can use our street for through traffic to avoid red lights on main street.

Why Asterisk Out A Letter Or Letters When typing Curse Words?

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020
It is one of those things that I’ve always been curious about. Why do people seem to star out letters when typing curse words. It’s just extremely odd to me. I you’re afraid of offending people I don’t see why anyone would find f*ck or sh*t and different that seeing fuck or shit. If you’re afraid of who might read it just don’t use the word. Don’t get me wrong I think everyone should use those words!

Ground Hog Day

Saturday, Feb 2, 2019
So here it is, the myth of ground hog day. Somme yet to this day people are convinced that whether that rodent sees his shadow or not has any ability to predict weather at all. The same people bitch if a scientifically generated forecast is off by a bit. People don’t seem to realize how complicated the weather and atmospheric interactions are. As for the ground hog, shot that fucker and cook that rodent for supper!

Hard Working

Friday, Feb 1, 2019
Seeing the snow outside made me think of my brother growing up. When ever it snowed he’d be gone all day shoveling snow. Really He was always finding a way to make money. Eventually I went off on his own starting his own business, Rick’s Expert Tree Service. Of course they still do snow removal now when we have weather like this. Every time I think of how so many business owners do the bare minimum I can I think of how they are always working.

Remembering The Old Internet

Thursday, Jan 31, 2019
I was remembering what the internet was like in the 90s the other day. Back then pages were about things someone was interested in instead of how to game the system to get to the top of google or have the most ads and ad clicks. Fuck SEO! There were still shitty site back then but there were so many interesting ones too. Dial up though was slow and inconsistent. Whenever you were downloading something big you or someone else would pick up the phone.