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Entitled People

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I was looking up the hours for a new store and stumbled on a review that shows how much of an ass some people can be. The review complained about the business not having a senior discount.

I Just Rediscovered Webrings

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One of the odd things I remember from the web in the late 90s is Webrings. It would be pretty cool to spend a night clicking the through the links on one if you found an interesting one. Search engines weren’t as good back then and there were just far fewer sites. Then people made a site on something they were interested in or their art or other information. It was long before spammy ad filled SEO abusing websites.

Memorial Day

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Please don’t say happy Memorial Day. It’s not a happy thing to honor veterans that never made it back home. I just never really understood why people say happy Memorial Day or even how that got started. Do people not realize the real reason for the holiday? I just feel that a lot of folks just don’t give it a thought or even understand it. It’s a long weekend for most people so there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it.

The Street Has Been So Eerily Quiet

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I just heard the first truck go past for today which caught my attention because there typically is so much truck traffic through here. Normally the truck traffic here is pretty annoying but I always say there could be worse things since trucks me things are being made and people are working, buying and selling stuff. There’s also been a big reduction in normal car traffic. People figured out when a bridge was closed that they can use our street for through traffic to avoid red lights on main street.

Hard Working

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Seeing the snow outside made me think of my brother growing up. On days when it snowed, he was raking in the cash, shoveling. Even now, he’s hard working like that.

Remembering The Old Internet

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I was remembering what the internet was like in the 90s the other day. Back then pages were about things someone was interested in instead of how to game the system to get to the top of google or have the most ads and ad clicks. Fuck SEO! There were still shitty site back then but there were so many interesting ones too. Dial up though was slow and inconsistent. Whenever you were downloading something big you or someone else would pick up the phone.