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The Local News Sources Are Awful

I happened upon a news article from a closer to Philly and was pleasantly surprised at how long and detailed it was.


Saw That Netflix Is Ending DVD Service

We dropped our DVD service from Netflix a few months ago because we just haven’t been watching movies. It’s still disappointing to see this.


What If In Person Shopping Was Like Online Shopping?

What would it be like if shopping in person at a store would be like online shopping? It would be annoying as hell.


Entitled People

I was looking up the hours for a new store and stumbled on a review that shows how much of an ass some people can be. The review complained about the business not having a senior discount.


I Just Rediscovered Webrings

I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the old web after rediscovering web rings. Back then websites were a lot more unique. People made them because they wanted to say something or share something, not to make a quick buck from spammy SEO.


Memorial Day

Too many people have either forgotten or don’t understand wht Memorial Day is. To them it’s just the first long weekend fo the summer. That’s why they they say “Happy Memorial Day.” THre’s no reason to say that as it shouldn’t be a happy day.


The Street Has Been So Eerily Quiet

It has been so quiet outside that it seems like the post apocalyptic science fiction I used to love. It’s just so quiet out side that it’s kind of nice.


Why Asterisk Out A Letter Or Letters When typing Curse Words?

I have always been curious as to why people go through the trouble of asterisking out curse words when typing them.


Ground Hog Day

Here we are back to groundhog day. They’ll make a big production of nothing, of some stupid myth.


Hard Working

Seeing the snow outside made me think of my brother growing up. On days when it snowed, he was raking in the cash, shoveling. Even now, he’s hard working like that.


Remembering The Old Internet

I was remembering what the old internet was like. In a way it was better because pages were usually put up for a reason other than SEO spam for ad clicks.

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