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Saw That Netflix Is Ending DVD Service

I have fond memories of the countless hours we spent watching movies on DVDs from Netflix. We had basic cable at that time, and Blockbuster was the only disc rental service available around here. Blockbuster was also expensive compared to Netflix back then. You’d pay the same for a couple of movies from Blockbuster as you would for a monthly subscription to Netflix for a month of having either two or three movies out at a time? I don’t remember what the plan was, and that was twenty years ago.

At one point we were up the plan with the most discs at a time. Before geocaching and especially during the winter, we used to watch plenty of movies. We’d also rent some TV shows to watch. In time, we just got away from doing that. I canceled my DVD service a few months back after realizing that our DVD player hasn’t even been hooked up in months. We are just busy with fitness stuff and don’t watch much TV besides Molly watching her shows and me watching sports.

I can still remember Molly getting excited when the red envelopes came in the mail. They would send you the next disc in the queue if one wasn’t available, so she didn’t know what was in the envelope. She’d call it a present or a surprise. If she was binge-watching a show, she’d be pissed if it wasn’t that season.

We still have their streaming service because she watches some things on it. I’d cancel that too if it were up to me. The selection is just poor and they raised the price. I would rather not pay for them to do their shows.

Their streaming service just has such a poor selection of content. It’s the polar opposite of what the DVD service what like. There was never something that I was unable to find on disc to rent.