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The Street Has Been So Eerily Quiet

I just heard the first truck go past for today which caught my attention because there typically is so much truck traffic through here. Normally the truck traffic here is pretty annoying but I always say there could be worse things since trucks me things are being made and people are working, buying and selling stuff.

There’s also been a big reduction in normal car traffic. People figured out when a bridge was closed that they can use our street for through traffic to avoid red lights on main street. That is annoying but it is a public street.

The trains aren’t passing by like they normally do. I haven’t noticed any really but some of the electric ones are quiet enough I normally don’t notice them. I haven’t heard as many freight trains either which you can’t miss since they’re pretty loud.

These feel like strange times we’re living in right now. It’s as if the world has mostly stopped around us. It reminds me of a lot of the older science fiction I listened to as a teenager from the books on tape or whatever they were called that came from the free library for the blind. I really liked most of the post apocalyptic stuff and that’s what this is sort of reminding me of. I have a feeling the world will be a different place at least for a while after this passes. Maybe, hopefully, they will be a bit less greedy and hateful when people learn we’re all in this together.