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Healthy Changes

Tuesday, Jul 20, 2021
Today as I was drinking my coffee it got into my mind a it does every so often about the amount of sugar I would use in the past. These days I drink it black ninety percent of the time or maybe use cream if we’re out as an extra treat. but that wasn’t always the case. Some years ago, I don’t remember exactly how long ago my coffee wasn’t quite done brewing but I already had my coffee cup in my hand and the sugar was in my other hand so I just poured the amount of sugar I’d typically use into bottom of my mug.

Swovie Shorts

Wednesday, Jul 7, 2021
I ordered the shorts version of the swoveralls I bought when I had COVID last summer. Like the longer version I find the shorts to be very comfortable.

It's The Little Details That Can Make A Company Seem Bad

Wednesday, Jun 2, 2021
So I ordered something that uses a newer shipping company that we’d never heard of until our first order. The tracking number was one that I didn’t recognize at all. This seemed shady to me but upon researching them they’re a new company that’s started last year I think? Our first couple of deliveries were late. The tracking seems shady as hell with the times being completely wrong. It doesn’t even seem to be an hour’s offset as if they forgot daylight savings time or something like that.

Entitled People

Saturday, May 29, 2021
It’s everywhere and really should not surprise me but every once in a while I come across something in a review or similar type of post that just shows how entitled some people really are. One thing about entitlement that comes to mind for me is senior discounts. It’s a nice gesture if a business offers one but it’s certainly not something that should be expected. I mean the discount would be a nice gesture but certainly not something I would ever bitch about not having.

Cutting The Grass Is Less Annoying Now

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
I know that I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but we’ve been unable to find the replacement starter string for our old lawnmower. We haven’t wanted to buy a new one since we knew it was here but as time went on the grass was growing. It just so happened that one evening we were walking and went past a house with someone using an electric lawnmower. Their grass was high and it was doing a good job so a few days later we decided to just get an electric mower.

Online Prayers

Friday, May 21, 2021
One of the things that just never made sense to me and I’ve noticed in more and more often is basically anywhere people are able to comment about the news they’re flooded with “prayers” comments. Being an atheist myself the whole concept of prayers never made any sense to me at all. One of the first things that turned off my beliefs in any sort of region was the logical conclusion of if God is supposed to be all knowing why do you have to beg him.

It Was Nice To Sleep With The Window Open

Wednesday, Apr 28, 2021
I have always preferred sleeping with the window open. The fresh air and outside sounds just make me feel more relaxed and sleep better for some reason. It will be even better once the night time insects are out but it’s too early for that. There’s just something about the cooler night time air that makes me feel good. Maybe spending so much time outside while growing up, especially up the mountains with the ever so slight cooler evening breeze coming down into the valley while we were outside at the fire.

Sweatpants Overalls

Thursday, Dec 31, 2020
On a whim I bought sweat pants overalls called swoveralls and I found them to be very comfortable. Might be all I wear the rest of this winter.

Fighter Jet Circled Over Us A Few Times Today

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2020
After doing my lifting and first WOD today we kept hearing a loud fighter jet flying over. It’s not necessary uncommon to hear them flying low here but certainly not as common as it was growing up in Bensalem with Willow Grove nearby and Fort Dix and Dover being not all that far away either. We’d see all kinds of planes and formations at times and I can even remember seeing stealth fighters flying low in the 80s.


Monday, Aug 17, 2020
I have never been the type of person to just be able to instantly fall asleep. There’s rare occasions that I can but if it’s not do to hypothyroidism it’s maybe a few times a year. I can even remember it as a baby. I would get yelled at to go to sleep when there was nothing I could do to go to sleep. I’d just lay there with my brain racing.

Buying Stuff Fully Intending To Return It When You're Done With It

Thursday, Jun 2, 2016
Frequenting hot deals forums I see it a lot where people buy an item fully intending to use it then return it when they’re done. I see it in real life too. Hell, I see Christian’s justify it. They justify it with stuff like it’s not illegal. It doesn’t effect Walmart or other $bigcompanyname. They say it doesn’t effect the employees at all. They’re wrong. This abuse of the system is already factored into the prices of merchandise and the employee’s wages.

Got To Ride In A Helicopter

Sunday, Sep 16, 2012
Something that I have always really wanted to do do was fly. I always wanted to ride in an airplane and to this day haven’t I also wanted to ride in a hot air balloon and that hasn’t happened yet. I had never thought about riding in a helicopter, I don’t know why but that thought just never occurred to me. Until Today I never thought of riding in a helicopter.