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Healthy Changes

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While I was drinking my coffee, I realized just how thankful I am that I stopped loading it up with sugar. I used to use a ton of it without realizing it. Now I drink it black unless I get a coffee when we’re out to eat. I sometimes use creamer then.

Entitled People

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I was looking up the hours for a new store and stumbled on a review that shows how much of an ass some people can be. The review complained about the business not having a senior discount.

Cutting The Grass Is Less Annoying Now

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We needed a new starter string for our old lawnmower, but misplaced the one we had. Out on one of our walks, we saw someone with a battery operated mower, and it was quiet. He said it worked well, and he’s had it for a while, so we got one. Now, mowing isn’t nearly as annoying.

Online Prayers

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One thing that never made sense to me is prayers on social media. I guess God pays attention to that. Hell, prayers themselves never made sense to me.

It Was Nice To Sleep With The Window Open

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I have always preferred sleeping with the window open. The fresh air and outside sounds just make me feel more relaxed and sleep better for some reason. It will be even better once the night time insects are out but it’s too early for that. There’s just something about the cooler night time air that makes me feel good. Maybe spending so much time outside while growing up, especially up the mountains with the ever so slight cooler evening breeze coming down into the valley while we were outside at the fire.

Fighter Jet Circled Over Us A Few Times Today

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After doing my lifting and first WOD today we kept hearing a loud fighter jet flying over. It’s not necessary uncommon to hear them flying low here but certainly not as common as it was growing up in Bensalem with Willow Grove nearby and Fort Dix and Dover being not all that far away either. We’d see all kinds of planes and formations at times and I can even remember seeing stealth fighters flying low in the 80s.


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I have never been the type of person to just be able to instantly fall asleep. There’s rare occasions that I can but if it’s not do to hypothyroidism it’s maybe a few times a year. I can even remember it as a baby. I would get yelled at to go to sleep when there was nothing I could do to go to sleep. I’d just lay there with my brain racing.