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Healthy Changes

Tuesday, Jul 20, 2021
Today as I was drinking my coffee it got into my mind a it does every so often about the amount of sugar I would use in the past. These days I drink it black ninety percent of the time or maybe use cream if we’re out as an extra treat. but that wasn’t always the case. Some years ago, I don’t remember exactly how long ago my coffee wasn’t quite done brewing but I already had my coffee cup in my hand and the sugar was in my other hand so I just poured the amount of sugar I’d typically use into bottom of my mug.

I Can't Donate Blood Or Organs Anymore

Monday, Apr 15, 2019
One in a while something comes up that reminds me how I am no longer able to be an organ donor or blood donor. Considering I have received donor corneas as soon as I was able to add organ donor to my ID I did so that should something happened to me my no longer needed organs could potentially help someone or give someone else a second chance at life.

Work Hard And Ignore Quick Fixes

Saturday, Jan 14, 2012
Something I find sad and depressing at the same time is the sheer amount of useless contraptions and fad diets out there that people use to lose weight. The common words in the ads for such thing are “six pack”, toned, ripped. Really People all it takes is a little hard work and you can do it too! It will take more than 2 minutes a day and no you can’t eat big sized happy meals every day but if you just do the work and eat better you’ll end up healthier and happier.

Mississippi Wants To Ban Fat People From restaurants

Tuesday, Feb 5, 2008
A bill was introduced in Mississippi to ban obese people from restaurants. I can’t imagine this would pass. It seems too much like discrimination to me. Some people are overweight due to health problems they can’t control and it just seems unfair to not let them enjoy dining out. I don’t feel the state has the right to tell people where they can eat or tell the establishment that they can’t serve those people and lose the money.