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I Can't Donate Blood Or Organs Anymore

One in a while something comes up that reminds me how I am no longer able to be an organ donor or blood donor.

Considering I have received donor corneas as soon as I was able to add organ donor to my ID I did so that should something happened to me my no longer needed organs could potentially help someone or give someone else a second chance at life.

I had tried to give blood when I was 18 or 19 but the woman was extremely rude and accused me of being on drugs. Probably due to the weird looking eyes from cloudy cornea and the fact that I had long hair. I gave her the exact date of the last time I smoked weed and told her that was all I’d done. She kept bringing up me using needles. I guess in hind sight it’s good I couldn’t give blood because I had the gene and probably already had the thyroid cancer which is incurable at this point and known to spread early and microscopically.

The day I selected no for organ donor was sort of depressing to me since I had always wanted to do that to give back to the world.