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Squat Day!

- 3 minutes, 475 words
I am starting my third cycle of 5/3/1 today and the first day up is squat day. I’ve been feeling really good with it. It was time to change things up.

First Week Of 5/3/1 In The Books

- 2 minutes, 297 words
It has been a long time coming, but I finally switched my strength program to 5/3/1. I read the first book years ago and was going to try it out then when we were still going to Crossfit, but didn’t.

Great Day Lifting And Did Ok On A WOD

- 3 minutes, 556 words
I had a good night’s sleep. Today is still warm and very humid, but a good bit cooler than it has been. That helped me have a great day lifting early this morning before 9:00 AM. I also did a WOD around lunchtime.

Bench Felt Good Today

- 3 minutes, 545 words
It was another hotter than hell day today, but thankfully the air conditioner works well. I got my lifts in and everything felt pretty good. The bench felt better than I expected, after last time.

Something Different

- 2 minutes, 264 words
There was one of the dirty work WODs that has intrigued me, so I wanted to give it a try today. I used the sled instead of running, but what intrigued me was the sandbag bear hug carries. It was easier with the strong man sandbag than the brute force one.

Good Day Lifting

- 3 minutes, 529 words
The heat and humidity has been having me feel pretty run down. I am still doing my lifting, though. This morning I had a pretty good day for my lifting. Nothing was heavy, but it felt good.

Not A Bad Day Lifting

- 3 minutes, 529 words
It has been another hot day today. Thankfully, the air conditioner helped me sleep last night and the one in the garage made it tolerable to do my lifting. I was having some cramping yesterday after doubling up on WODS.

Back To My Lifting

- 3 minutes, 546 words
It’s been over a week now since I did my normal lifting. Today it was time to get back at it. I lowered my weight and everything went well. I also did a fun WOD.

Heavy Day Pressing Today

- 3 minutes, 471 words
Today, my lifts were pretty heavy again. The strict presses were the main deal about today. I had a heavy enough weight that I only got through it a couple of times before my shoulder. Today they felt heavy but great.

Fairly Heavy Day Today

- 3 minutes, 607 words
Today, my lifts were pretty heavy, especially the strict presses and power cleans. Everything felt and was much better than I expected, especially since I was feeling so off yesterday.

Nice Day For My Lifts

- 3 minutes, 601 words
Today was a very nice day. It made for a fun and not too challenging day for me to do my lifting. Everything went well, and I had a really enjoyable type of day out in the garage.

Humid Day For My Lifts

- 3 minutes, 593 words
Today was not as hot as the past couple of days, but it’s certainly still humid, at least for now. I made for a challenging time for my lifting session with all the sweat dripping down my face and everywhere else..

Hot Day For My Lifting

- 3 minutes, 500 words
Today was a hot day for my lifting, and even hotter later in the day. It wasn’t bad enough for me to need to bring the air conditioner down yet, but it was annoying. My lifts went well anyway..

Good Day Lifting But Later And Hotter Than I'd Prefer

- 3 minutes, 558 words
Today was yet another day when I got out into the garage later than I’d prefer. We had to run down and get a pot, so I bought us some hanging plants for the patio. After that, we had one more of the grandkids to give a birthday gift to. It was nice to see them and just talk on their patio for a couple of hours.

Good To Be Back To Normal With My Lifts

- 3 minutes, 618 words
Today I didn’t have anything else that was more important to do so it was nice to be back to a normal and slower pace with my lifts. Everything went well. I did a WOD shortly after my lifts, thankfully before the heat turned on.

I Felt Really Rushed To Get To My Lifts Today

- 3 minutes, 489 words
I felt like I had to rush to get to my lifts this morning. We had to go to my step grandson’s birthday and had no idea when we were going. Thankfully, my lifts were light, and I got out in the garage early in the morning and got through them pretty quickly. Had fun seeing all the grandkids later.

That's A PR

- 3 minutes, 588 words
Today was a really challenging day for me in the garage. I didn’t sleep so great last night to start things off. To top things off, I had to do PR level back squats at two hundred and seventy-five pounds and then near Pr deadlifts at two hundred and ninety-five pounds.

Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Today

- 4 minutes, 760 words
This was one of those days that I had very low expectations for. I’ve been gassy as hell and didn’t sleep too well last night because of it. My lifts were all on the heavy side to add to that. In the end, everything went well, and I made all of my lifts, even with dropping the stupid 2.5 pound change plate on my toe.

Excellent Day For My Lifts

- 3 minutes, 562 words
I slept better last night, which helped. It is also windy outside today, but more importantly much less humid today. I ended up having an excellent and fun day lifting in the home gym.

Got My Shit Done In The Garage Early Today

- 5 minutes, 1001 words
It was a good day for me in the garage. I got started out there with my as early as I felt I reasonably could today and crushed them. I recovered a few minutes and did this week’s vault WOD. That didn’t go as well, but it went as I expected it would..

Lifts Felt Fun Today

- 3 minutes, 628 words
I usually enjoy my lifting sessions. Some days come along like today where I was just having fun with it. Everything went well, not easy but well. I challenged myself some and was just in that good zone.

Pretty Busy Day Today

- 4 minutes, 686 words
I wasn’t feeling it at all today yet I had a pretty busy active type of day. It began with a nice 1 ½ mile walk this morning. Then I did my lifts and finally we did a WOD together outside on the patio!

Lifts Went Great This Morning

- 3 minutes, 522 words
I had a shitty night’s sleep last night where I spent a good portion of the night laying in bed wide awake. I dreaded my strength today even though I somehow managed to feel refreshed when I did wake up. My lifts felt and went great.

No Music For Today's Lifting

- 3 minutes, 459 words
Every once in a while I get the urge to do either a WOD or my lifting or maybe both with no music at all. There’s something about it that makes it feel even better. Today’s lifts were performed that way and they felt great.

I Did Tomorrow's Workout Of The Day Since I Knew It Would Be Pretty Quick

- 2 minutes, 253 words
I absolutely didn’t feel like doing a WOD today for a few reasons. First of all I am feeling tired still. I slept great last night but I don’t think my body’s caught up from the night before yet. Another thing is the fact that my legs and knees are pissed from the awkward overhead lunges outside in the uneven back yard. Not necessarily sore but they are unhappy with me.

I Can't Really Complain Today

- 3 minutes, 583 words
I am just fleeing very tired today. I just can’t seem to mentally weak up at all. I don’t understand why though because I slept well last night and straight through the night. I am learning towards thinking part of my problem with not wanting to get up and lift is the fact that my hamstring is still feeling a little tight. Last night in the grocery store I lifted up my foot to scratch a mosquito bite and my hamstring just had a massive cramp in it.

Did My Strength For The First Time Since The Tree Started Self Destructing

- 6 minutes, 1125 words
I’ve posted about it before but with the storm the other day I sort of lost my focus to be able to lift safely. I mean I’m sure I would have been fine and could rely on muscle memory to just go with the flow but why risk it? It’s much better for me if I miss a session or two for being extra cautions than it would be to allow a sloppy rep to cause me to injury myself then miss who knows how many sessions.

Strength Went Okay Today

- 3 minutes, 564 words
My strength went okay today, even though it was very humid from the tropical depression. I did a WOD later in the day. The worst thing about that WOD was the absurd amount of sweating I was doing from the humidity.

Zero Energy Today But I Made My Lifts

- 3 minutes, 546 words
I have no reason at all to feel this way today at all but It’s one of those days where I just feel like I have zero energy at all. My legs feel like dead weight and my brain just doesn’t want to think at all. I felt as if I slept well, maybe not quite enough but I slept straight through the night. Since I got up though I just have felt dead tired.

Birthday Back Squats

- 4 minutes, 836 words
For the past several birthdays, I have been doing challenges when it comes up. I had been doing burpee pull-ups because that was more challenging than plain burpees. This year, I did body weight back squats unbroken.

Sweaty Hands

- 2 minutes, 410 words
It’s not really that hot this morning, but my hands were very sweaty. That’s one of those things that hurts me more than anything. My lifts went surprisingly well considering that.

Still Feeling A Bit Weak And Tired But Crushed My Strength Today

- 4 minutes, 680 words
I strongly considered attempting my strength yesterday but I was feeling pretty run down still. It was also the hottest day of the year with some humidity creeping into the mix. Not brutal but uncomfortable for sure. I hardly slept Friday night and didn’t sleep long enough Saturday night to feel “caught up.” This morning I feel good. Maybe still a little tired and a bit run down but I certainly felt good enough to get back into the garage.

Feeling Great Today!

- 4 minutes, 658 words
I got woken up by the neighbor repeatedly letting her door slam as she always does. I wasn’t ready to get up. Regardless, I was feeling good today and had a good day in the home gym.

I Cannot Complain About Today In The Garage

- 3 minutes, 474 words
While I didn’t really do a ton of things in the garage I can’t really complain about it too much. I’m feeling tired and got to my lifting way later in the day than I’m used to because we were running around all morning. My legs are feeling like absolutely dead weight today after yesterday’s double WOD day which included weighted lunges and weighted step ups. I didn’t even know how I would get through my strength but I did.

Not A Bad Day At All In The Home Gym Today

- 3 minutes, 638 words
Today wasn’t a bad day in the home gym at all. Really though, is there even such a thing as a bad day when you get to lift in your own home gym? Today started out right when I woke up to a glowing pink sky out the open window from the sunrise. The entire sky was glowing. The coffee tasted better than normal too so that made for a great day.

I'm Feeling Great Today

- 3 minutes, 579 words
Saturday I felt like shit and continued feeling progressively worse as the day went on. From what I read that’s a sign of a strong immune reaction so I can’t be too pissed off about it. I did still squeeze my lifts in during Saturday morning and some nice walks so there’s that. Yesterday I felt much better and continued improving as the day went on. Last night I slept well with no waking up between a fever and being hot and the chills from being cold so I was pretty well rested too.

Another Week On My Twenty Rep Back Squats Done

- 2 minutes, 320 words
It’s another funday Sunday which is around the time of the week that I attempt my twenty rep back squats. It’s not always on Sunday. it’s either Saturday, Sunday or Monday that I try my twenty rep squats depending on how I am feeling. Yesterday I did give my twenty rep squats a half hearted attempt but aborted quickly. Maybe five reps in they just weren’t’ feeling quite right. It turns out after looking at the video afterwards I just was way off center on the bar for them so it was throwing me off.

My Lifts Were Great Early In The Morning Then Smashed A WOD In The Evening

- 3 minutes, 521 words
I didn’t have a lot of time this morning to get my strength done before the grand kids were coming. We had to baby sit them for a while today but it was fun. It was very warm and humid this morning then just pretty hot and dry later in the afternoon. I started out today with the front squats. These were light for me at 185 pounds but they felt fast and explosive.

I Knew Today Was Going To Be Rough In The Garage Gym

- 2 minutes, 349 words
My foot is still a bit achy from the running WOD the other day. I had gotten a stone or something in it and kept running and power snatching anyways. The other factor is I can guarantee I haven’t eaten enough the past few days to cover what I have been doing in the garage. I’ve been eating like a pig but that’s not been enough. My appetite has been just purely ravenous but my stomach is filling up to fast.

I Get To Live Another Week On My Twenty Rep Back Squats

- 2 minutes, 217 words
It’s a new week so it’s time for the twenty rep back squats. I’m doing it Sunday this week because with these being so heavy now I don’t want to mix it with another squat day. Today I was set to do 230 pounds for the twenty rep back squats. I knew it would be a challenging weight but I wasn’t quite prepared for how it went. The warm up sets actually felt pretty good.

Today Was Certainly An Interesting Day In The Garage Gym

- 3 minutes, 539 words
Yesterday I really burned myself out with the three WODs I did and then to top things off between eating a heavy supper and a damned stray cat outside crying I didn’t sleep nearly enough. Note I’m not complaining about supper but we ate it late because Harvey’s was slower than they normally are but it was great. I started out with the front squats at 210 for three sets of five today.

My Deadlifts Felt Off Today, Later I Crushed The Twenty Rep Back Squats

- 3 minutes, 471 words
I wasn’t really feeling like doing my lifts this morning but I did eventually wind up doing them. My quads have been twitching quite a bit and stomach was feeling off on top of that. I think the stomach thing is just leftover from not really eating enough yesterday. About ten AM is when I decided it was time to just get off my ass and get shit done. I had to start with three sets of five front squats today at two hundred pounds even.

My Lifts Were A Lot Tougher Than They Should Have Been Today!

- 2 minutes, 246 words
Days like this will happen and I’ve accepted it but my lifting was a lot tougher than it should have been today. I successfully completed them but they were both mentally and physically draining. First of all I started off with the front squats at three sets of five at 195 pounds. Last Friday I had failed the 220 pounds. I don’t thing that was so much a physical fail as it was mental one.

My Lifts Were A Great Surprise Today!

- 3 minutes, 558 words
I really didn’t have high hopes today for my lifting. Dumb ass me did two running WODs yesterday both of which I sprinted because for the first time in my life the 200 meter sprint didn’t kill me. I also had my stomach feeling off for a while this morning. I don’t know why but it felt better a couple of hours later so I decided to go ahead and do my strength and see how it felt.

Strength Was A Bit Disappointing Today

- 3 minutes, 585 words
Let me start off by mentioning that although today’s lifting in the garage bit was a little disappointing it wasn’t terrible. I felt great this morning and was ready to go as soon as I woke up. I drank some coffee first because coffee is the most important thing to do. For the squats I am continuing with the change up to front squats and I think I will keep that up for a couple of cycles at least.

Another PR On My Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then The Sandbag WOD In The Afternoon

- 2 minutes, 255 words
I had no idea what to expect from my twenty rep squats this week. They’re feeling easier each week yet it’s getting heavier for me. I know failure is imminent but have no idea when or how far I’ll be able to push it. On paper if I go by my mas I’m guessing with the next week or two I’ll top out but it certainly didn’t feel that way after today.

My Lifts Felt Great Today!

- 2 minutes, 390 words
My lifting today felt great and it was a really nice surprise that it did! It was my second night of not really enough sleep for what ever reason. My body decided it was time to wake up way too early again. I think I had trouble sleeping too, because I was too wound up last night from doing the Vault WOD which was very mental for me with 100 reps hopping over a 24 inch high PVC pipe which I really couldn’t see that well.

Today's Been A Pretty Good Day In The Home Gym

- 2 minutes, 388 words
Today was a fun and interesting day for me in the garage. It went better than I expected given we had Joy’s last night hence unhealthy food and a couple of drinks to make for poor sleep and recovery. The first thing I did was the WOD. It had a new movement combination to me in it that looked interesting and fun. It also had something I really suck at, hop overs.

Strength Was A Bit Of Good And A Bit OF Bad Today

- 2 minutes, 389 words
I wasn’t feeling my strength at all today. I mean I slept really well last night and feel really well rested today. My body and in particular my legs today just feel a lot like dead weight. Even just walking they want to nope the shit out today but I thought I can at least attempt my lifts today. If it felt really bad and I failed everything I just repeat this day but as it turns out I don’t have to do that.

Did This Week's Second Weightlifting EMOM Today And Felt Great About It

- 3 minutes, 472 words
First thing in the morning I did a challenging WOD for me today. It had rowing and 30 reps of dumbbell squats with one dumbbell on your shoulder. Then 30 box jumps which I chose for safety to do step ups then thirty more squats with the dumbbell on the other side. The step ups for me today were slow. I’m not sure why but I just had no rhythm or ability to push with these today.

Mixing Up My Strength A Bit

- 3 minutes, 478 words
I didn’t sleep enough last night yet somehow I’m still feeling pretty good today. There’s no telling how much lack of sleep will effect me. I’ve always been fine on little or no sleep until the past year or two. Today though I felt fine so I decided to get on with my strength and WOD while that lasted. To start things off I mixed things up a little bit with my lifting for today and will do it for a month or two or maybe longer if it feels good.

My Lifts All Felt Better Today

- 2 minutes, 307 words
Not that I had any lifts to do today that were really all that heavy but thankfully they all felt much better today than the last few sessions. Even the lighter warm up sets recently have felt tougher but that wasn’t the case at all today. The squats were nice and light at 195 pounds after failing last time at 265 pounds. Of course I limited the rest between sets. I thought that even though it was light for me it would have been tougher after yesterday’s twenty rep back squats at 215 and the WOD with the cleans.

Got Another PR On My Twenty Rep Squats Today

- 2 minutes, 329 words
I decided that I would do my twenty rep squats for this week. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because my legs have no energy today. I bailed on the sandbag WOD for tomorrow this morning because while I was doing it fine I knew it was going to be a long one and form would probably break. I thought what the Hell I can at least see how the twenty rep squats felt and I am pretty glad I did.

Everything Felt Heavy As Fuck With My Lifts Today

- 2 minutes, 298 words
To start things off I didn’t sleep all that well last night at all. I slept good when I slept but I kept waking up throughout the night. I wasn’t feeling rested this morning and we had to run to the grocery store before I even did my lifts to beat the crowd. The squats were very heavy for me for sets of five at 265 pounds and I failed as i expected today.

A Great Day Today In The Home Gym

- 5 minutes, 998 words
Today was a great day for my lifts in the garage gym. I also managed to complete three WODs today. It’s been a little while since I even doubled up on them. I haven’t done the double WOD thing since I had COVID unless I’m forgetting a time. It’s a fairly mild day today and I was feeling great so managed to do more than I expected. As far as my lifting was concerned today I started with my back squats.

Got A PR On My Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then A Fun Sandbag WOD In The Afternoon

- 2 minutes, 272 words
I decided that I would do my twenty rep squats for this week fairly early this morning. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go today with my lat being somewhat angry but I was able to maintain good for and if anything moving stretched me out a bit. I can truly say I managed to get through the twenty reps with no issue at all. I would even go so far as to say it actually felt light today, even the working set at 210 pounds felt light which is the opposite of yesterday when just the bar for warm ups felt heavy.

My Lifts Were Pretty Heavy Today But Doable

- 4 minutes, 705 words
I woke up pretty early today and ate a banana for breakfast like I pretty much always do. I drank some coffee. I woke up pretty quickly today so I got out in the garage and did my lifting about 7:30 AM or at least that’s about the time I started it. I did this because we were going out later plus to free up the garage gym for Molly.

Lifting Went Pretty Good Today

- 2 minutes, 327 words
Today was one of those days that was pretty surprising to me. To continue the past few sessions I really wasn’t feeling it today. After grabbing the mail and clearing the snow off the sidewalk this morning I decided to just do it. Today was definitely a day where the warm up sets felt heavy as fuck. I mean if felt heavy but certainly doable and not too difficult to get through my back squats for three sets of five at 245 pounds.

Didn't Feel Like Lifting At All Today But Did My Strength And Felt Good About It

- 2 minutes, 369 words
Another of those days where I really didn’t feel like lifting. My legs are just feeling a lot like lead weights today. Likely caused by rowing the ten thousand meters yesterday and not being used to it. The cloudy, dreary day wasn’t helping matters all that much either I have to admit. Finally around 10:00 AM I got up the gumption to just do it. I knew the weights are getting heavier today.

Did My Twenty Rep Squats Today Then Rowed 10k Later

- 3 minutes, 457 words
We had to go the grocery store and that sort of fun shit this morning so by 9:00 AM I was one hundred percent peopled out. After our running around this morning and then devouring my sandwich I got from the country store. I digested that for a bit and then embarked upon my twenty rep squats. I did them on a separate day from my normal strength this week since they’re getting heavier now.

Lifting Felt Great Today Plus Pushed Myself In The WOD

- 2 minutes, 310 words
I have not been posting as much because I got the new XBOX for Christmas and I’ve been pretty much enjoying the games. It was finally available to be ordered for me. I have still been lifting and dong WODs and such. I just haven’t been on the computer as much so I haven’t been having the time on here to write. Today’s strength went really well I have to say.

Good Day Of Lifting Then Really Pushed Out Of My Comfort Zone In A WOD Today

- 4 minutes, 692 words
Today was a busy day for sure. It started out with getting the grocery store out of the way since it’s going to snow. We wanted to beat the madhouse. After that we came home and I took a cup of coffee out into the garage and proceeded to work on my strength workout for today. I started out with some moderate weight back squats. For the squats today I had to perform three sets of five at 215 pounds.

Awesome Day Of Lifting In The Garage Today

- 3 minutes, 556 words
Today was one of those rare but truly awesome days in t he garage gym. I can’t deny that any day in the garage gym is a good day, even if things go shitty but today was one of the ones were everything was just clicking well and I was feeling really good about everything today. I thought I’d be more tired after watching the Flyers game last night but I woke up feeling like I slept really well and had plenty of rest.

My Lifting Felt Great Again Today

- 2 minutes, 327 words
I really didn’t know what to expect today with my lifting. I have been tired and burned out a bit between the stuff we did last week and the snow storm we’re currently having. It’s no secret that I get excited and lose sleep every time it snows. It didn’t help much getting woken up last night by not 1 but three snow blowers, none of which belong to someone that even has a drive way.

Lifting Felt Great Today After An Unplanned Rest Day Yesterday

- 4 minutes, 765 words
One of the greatest things about having a home gym is the flexibility in time and space that you have. Unfortunately the space in our home gym yesterday was being used as a setup with a table and stuff to wrap Christmas gifts. We did that yesterday since we’re over COVID now and it was great to see the kids and even better knowing that at least per the science I would not be contagious or risk spreading it without knowing it.

Back To My Normal Strength Workouts Now

- 2 minutes, 415 words
I did my Crossfit total the other day and while I didn’t make any PRs doing it I was happy with how I did. I rested from lifting yesterday so I decided and slept well last night so i decided to get right back into it it today rather than waiting a day or two like I’d originally planned. I did lower all of the weight’s back down which in today’s case the only thing I had to lower was the strict press.

I Modified And Rushed My Strength Workout For Today

- 2 minutes, 361 words
We had a bunch of running around to do today and other things to get done around here so I rushed through my strength bright and early this morning. It worked out well though since I wanted to do a heavy bench single. Starting out today I did a very easy three sets of five back squats at 195 pounds. It worked out well that I needed very little rest between sets and took very little.

Feels Like I'm Back To One Hundred Percent

- 3 minutes, 534 words
Even though my leg felt much better last week I was still having the occasional tightness. Essentially even right after my quad popped I had full mobility, just a lot of discomfort but that slowly improved. Last week I only managed one or two WODS and we did our Crossfit total. I didn’t want to risk fucking up my leg so we could go out hiking / geocaching but that didn’t really happen as Molly was mad that the sun was dimmed.

Part Of My Strength Done And A Nice Reminder Of My Improvements

- 3 minutes, 459 words
Given the fact that my back squats today were only 205 pounds and I only had three sets of five to do today I again did them with a pause in the hole. Just a few sessions of doing this has my bottom position in much better shape than it was before. There wasn’t anything wrong with it before but improvement is always possible. I also did my strict presses since they were back to 95 pounds.

Unplanned Rest Day

- 2 minutes, 420 words
From the time I woke up I’ve had a bit of a pressure headache from everything being all closed up. No matter what I couldn’t get my nose to really open up for more than a few seconds. I don’t think I have any allergies but do get irritated from the fine particles. I can even get the same way with dust. Just to be sure I checked my temperature and it’s still 97 point something so n fever.

Strength And A WOD Done

- 3 minutes, 627 words
I turned my 3 x 5 back squats into paused ones again today since it was only 200 pounds. I am hoping history for me repeats itself an as it did in the past the paused squats help me get stronger in the sticking point. Not using any bounce really seems to help me out of the hole. Another nice thing about the paused squats is the help remind me how to stay more up right and push my knees forward forward and out coming out of the bottom rather than my ass shooting up and trying to get me out of good position.

Back At The Twenty Rep Front Squats

- 3 minutes, 436 words
I started at the weekly 20 rep front squats a few weeks ago at 95 pounds after finally failing at the back squats. With the back squats I got a lot further along that I anticipated I would. I’m hoping I hit body weight with the front squats too and it’s certainly possible. Once I got the mobility for front squats I’ve been able to hit a high percentage of my back squats max.

I Made It To Body Weight For My Twenty Rep Squats

- 3 minutes, 575 words
I did my twenty rep squats today and couldn’t be more ecstatic with how it’s gone the past few weeks. Normally I do it Mondays but I am not going to bullshit myself or anyone else. With the potential snow storm I am going to probably be up all night tonight so I thought it would be smart to o the squats while I am well rested. The first month or so was a struggle with the leg burn and breath but breath still runs out.

Almost To Body Weight For My Twenty Rep Squats

- 3 minutes, 467 words
Today went surprisingly well for what ended up being more less a rest day other than my normal Monday 20 rep back squat program from street parking that I thought I’d try out.. I started way back at 135 pounds since high reps have never been my thing. I’ve always had a more challenging time with higher reps of squats for some reason so this has been going surprisingly well.

I Miss Using My Bright Green J Cups

- 2 minutes, 241 words
When we still went to the gym, Molly had found and ordered some fairly bright green j cups that would fit the rig. The black ones matched the black rig and had no contrast so I tended to have some trouble re racking by being off center or maybe too low. Those things were a game changer. The gym owner allowed us to leave them there so I could us them when I was there.


- 2 minutes, 259 words
I bought and read Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 book. It was nice to read the more detailed reasoning about his 5/3/1 program.

Back To The Gym

- 2 minutes, 237 words
We finally made it back to the gym today. We have been too busy to get there. I had personally lost my drive a few months ago when Nan died, but it’s back now.